Disappearing Pinwheel

posted by Carlene Foster
Sat, Jan 11 2014

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This was the new project started this year.  I had an orphanned fq bundle that I just could not figure out how to use....not my kind of fabric after I got it.  So, along comes this new pattern called "Disappearing Pinwheel", where you basically start out with a 10 x 10 layercake (I used my fq bundle and made mine 9 x 9 to accomodate the size of a fq)  You sew all around a neutral and 10 x 10 square and then cut diagonally in both directions to make large hst.  4 hst to a pinwheel.  Once the pinwheel is made, you cut it into 9 equal pieces, turn the outer ones around and resew.  My 9 x9 squares turned into 11.25 inch pinwheels, and when cut and resewn became 9.5 blocks.  So....I made mine a 5 x 7 grid, then added the borders.  The pinwheels in the border are made by cutting the 10 x 10 block in 4 squares, and making a pinwheel from each of those squares (mine were 4.5 squares, which made 5 inch pinwheels.)    Something different.


chocake2 wrote re: Disappearing Pinwheel
on Sat, Jan 11 2014 2:40 PM

WOW! How cool is this!?

Marlabartlett60 wrote re: Disappearing Pinwheel
on Sat, Jan 11 2014 9:09 PM

Very pretty!

Wendy123 wrote re: Disappearing Pinwheel
on Sun, Jan 12 2014 12:51 PM

Jess, this is really pretty. It makes a person feel happy tp look at it!

Patti wrote re: Disappearing Pinwheel
on Mon, Jan 13 2014 8:23 AM

I have seen a demonstration of how this quilt is made.  So fun to see what people come up with.

Debbie-do wrote re: Disappearing Pinwheel
on Tue, Jan 14 2014 4:13 PM

ooo, nice job!  Four of us had dinner last week and decided to get together on Feb 1 and each make one of these.  I'm going to use 2 fabrics and a background on mine instead of going scrappy.  Hope it looks as good as yours!  Did you trim down your pinwheel blocks before cutting into 9 pieces?  I'm thinking it'll be less thinking involved to cut them down to 12" squares first.

Carlene Foster wrote re: Disappearing Pinwheel
on Mon, Jan 20 2014 11:04 AM

Debbie, I did trim my pinwheel blocks before I sliced and diced them to make certain I was starting with the same sized unit.  Hard to cut into thirds if they all are different sized and come out relatively ok.

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