Tonga Rhapsody BOM

posted by Carlene Foster
Fri, Nov 29 2013

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Ever run into one of those patterns that just kind of intimidates you out of finishing it?  This was my come uppance.  I started this BOM in early 2011 (I found a receipt, as I forgot how long I have been avoiding this one)  I thought I still had block 12 to complete, as well as the finishing kit.  Pleasant surprise was, all 12 blocks were complete and in the kit...ahhhhhhhh, the kit.  I've shuffled that box a few times now and said "another day"....  Putting the blocks together took me 2 1.2 days of all my waking hours.  I sewed and unsewed, then sewed again.  This quilt top was the one that made me promise I would complete every BOM as soon as the 12th block was available.  I never wanted another getting stale like this one did.  It was those zig zag sections in the middle of the quilt that had me dazed.  I ended up having to cut one more, and I had 4 other perfectly good pieces that will end up going into something scrappy...  Although effective, there has to be an easier way to accomplish that part.  However, not this woman, not this day, maybe not this lifetime.  But...seriously????????????  The process was 3 2 1/2 inch strips sewn together, cut on the bias, then you add the corner pieces and square them up.  All fine and dandy....try it sometime.  My pieces were too long after I cut and before I put the corners on.  Then, there were those triangular setting pieces.  They were done in a half a log cabin block, then you had to trim.  The directions called for a 12 1/2 inch base, without giving the heighth.  You could not come up with 12 1.2 inches without cutting off part of the stinky little 4 patches at the pointy part.  Seriously?  No one could supply a template for this in a $30 pattern?  The pain of the think session is too fresh.  LOL 
And this was why I didn't finish this one sooner........

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