Quilted Prayer Cloth

posted by Carolyn Morris
Wed, Oct 23 2013

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Since 2003 I have made quilted prayer cloths for people who are going through illnesses, surgeries, treatments, weddings, births, special occasions that they want remembered in prayer.  They all are about 15" squares.  Some have machine embroidered messages, some have preprinted fussy cut messages appliqued to the top, and some come with fabric that has messages printed on the fabric.  I have prayers over them before sending the out to others. I also encourage others to pray with the person receiving the cloth.  If possible I pray with the person.  A note also goes with each one from me that helps explain the purpose  which is to help bring a sense of peace and comfort to those in need.  To encourage them to know that God loves them and that others are holding them in prayer.  I have made around 2,000 of which about 2/3 are given away for free and about a 1/3 are sold to help keep me in fabric and thread to continue the ministry.  The designs and colors are endless!


irgar wrote re: Quilted Prayer Cloth
on Sat, Jan 4 2014 3:20 PM

Think this is a lovely idea...The only person in the whole world who is able to touch lives is the Lord God who gave His only Son to bear the sin of mankind so that through repentance and simple faith in Him we have Eternal Life and a Friend who never leaves us or forsakes us whatever life throws at us.


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