Scrapalicious #2

posted by Carlene Foster
Wed, Oct 16 2013

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I was given a kitchen size garbage bag full of scraps over the weekend.  So, once again, I am abundant in scraps to create with.  (Sad part of this is, this is the first time someone has added to my own scrap pile. :))  This is another Bonnie Hunter pattern called "Cathedral Stars".  I'm definitely a fan of hers, since I still posess an abundance of 2x2 squares.  I had one yard of the red and one yard of the black in my stash for the pieced center.  The black setting triangles were out of the donated scraps (I had to substitute 2 of the setting triangles from my black stash), the blue outer border was a yard from my stash, which I had to add a piece of similar color value fabric from the stars to complete the border.  The red inner border is from the same yard that I used in the piece center.   No one will ever have one quite like this one.  That might be a good thing. 


chocake2 wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Wed, Oct 16 2013 12:18 PM

OMG! You pieced that in one weekend!? You're amazing, and the quilt is fantastic! Love it!!

Carlene Foster wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Wed, Oct 16 2013 7:25 PM

I had a couple of baggies (or more) of the 4x4's already put together.  The rest was pretty simple.

Denise Smart wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Wed, Oct 16 2013 10:26 PM

Fabulous. I repeat what chocake2 said. "OMG! You pieced that in one weekend!? You're amazing"

adir_quilter wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Fri, Oct 18 2013 9:05 AM

It's beautiful and I also want to add - you are really fast!!

katylovitt wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Fri, Oct 18 2013 1:32 PM

Super quilt made super fast! It's beautiful and all your points look really pointy. I like how you just go ahead and substitute without agonizing over matching exactly, saves a lot of stress and like you said, "It's one of a kind." Great job!


Carlene Foster wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Fri, Oct 18 2013 4:40 PM

Agonize over what to put in a scrap quilt?  That's the point of a scrap quilt, isn't it?  To use up what you have and make it useful?  I find myself putting everything except the kitchen sink into these...there are Christmas scraps, Halloween/fall, baby prints (Cookie Monster has a prominent square and Bert and Ernie are represented), orientals, batiks, name it, it is in there somewhere.  That's what I like about them...we all can use the same pattern and come up with a completely different look/feel.  And, when I don't spend all that time agonizing over what should go where, I can just relax and sew.  Oil the machine up, wind up some bobbins and let's get sewing. :)

ls2116 wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Fri, Oct 18 2013 7:28 PM

This is one awesome quilt congratulations!  I think you should get a scrap user award!

LNofTROY wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Mon, Oct 21 2013 8:19 PM

I love your quilt. I understand that you don't see the point in agonizing over a 'scrappy' quilt, but still, colors and variations are going so well together, that we have the impressions that you did actually studied possible end result before assembling it :)

Carlene Foster wrote re: Scrapalicious #2
on Sun, Oct 27 2013 7:56 AM

Lights go side to side, darks go up and down, red faces one way, blacks face the other.  That was the extent of "studying" the possible end result.  Assembly was actually pretty easy.  No design wall maneuvering, no shuffling of the stack of blocks.  The biggest stress factors were (1) having only one yard of basic colors and (2) figuring out how to supplement that one yard when it wasn't quite enough.

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