Hannah's Graduation Quilt

posted by Malissa
Thu, Aug 22 2013

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Finally finished Hannah's quilt

This was by far the hardest quilt I have done to date. Not bad for only having a year of quilting under my belt.  When I looked at the pattern, I thought, oh that will be easy.  I have watched Fons & Porter and Quilt in a day often enough to see how easy making the over sized squares is then drawing a line down the middle, sewing on each side of the line, pressing, flipping, and doing it all over again.  Should be really quick to get two of those knocked out.  I learned a valuable lesson... read the entire quilt pattern before YOU buy or cut any fabric.  Come to find out, this pattern was done the old fashioned way.  Cut out the triangles and then sew them together.  We did modify that somewhat, but it was a bear.  I had already cut out all the squares, so I was limited in what I could do differently.  Chalk it up to inexperience, and move on.  Took a lot longer than it should have for this one, but I love the pattern.  I am going to take some time when I am done with my Christmas sewing to rewrite the cutting instructions and figure the additional fabric needed to do it the fast way.  

I bought a Husqvarna mega quilter and frame in April and this is the third quilt I have quilted on it .  I did some more custom quilting on this one, than I tried on the first two. See all those little roses on the green triangles??? Each one of those was quilted individually. Crazy, long time to finish all those. Simple to do, but there were so many of them. I am still not sure if I got all of the extra strings off the back... I did a Tulip in the outside border, then a free motion leaf design in the green border. Simple loops in the pink, and sweeping swirls in the yellow. 

Lots of fun, but very time consuming. I lost track of the hours on this one. It was worth it though. Hannah Rose Streeter's graduation present from me, her proud mama. Her Grandma Pat Stanton helped me months before graduation with the cutting, and handed me pieces to sew so we could get through the quilt top faster. Then both grandma's helped bind the quilt last week so we could get it finished.  I used iron on transfer paper to iron on pictures in six of the open blocks.  I am not 100% satisfied with those, not sure if I did not press them long enough or what, they just did not look as good after I washed the quilt.  Still, a great graduation quilt for our baby girl! 

On to the next project! The five inch squares are all sorted and laid out on my cutting table. Ready to cut the white and start piecing this weekend. Going to try to get a minimum of four complete quilts done before Christmas. Needless to say, none of the quilting on those four will be quite this intricate.


Dani wrote re: Hannah's Graduation Quilt
on Thu, Aug 22 2013 9:46 PM

This is BEAUTIFUL Malissa,

I just made a photo quilt for my grandmother (with pictures of all of her grandchildren in it)...I'm in the process of machine quilting it now with my domestic viking.

I will gladly admit yours is far better than mine haha!

This is beautiful and a gift your daughter will certainly treasure =)

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