Sequestration Flower Garden

posted by Carlene Foster
Fri, Jun 14 2013

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Hexies....lots and lots and lots.  All colors, mostly batiks for the flowers, leftover neutrals for the centers and separating rows.  All hand sewn, including the process of appliquing the flowers to the first border.  The baskets on the corners were left over from a quilt done long ago, so I just repurposed them with some new borders.  The reason this is my "sequestration" flower garden?  I work for the gov't and this is my second unpaid furlough day.  I am taking my frustrations out on my sewing, and I am using only fabrics that are in my stash today...nothing new is the rule. 


MaggieNae wrote re: Sequestration Flower Garden
on Fri, Jun 14 2013 3:45 PM

Awesome work.  I've been looking at my scraps and the idea of hexies.  This looks like a wonderful way to get one more quilt out of your stash.

Carlene Foster wrote re: Sequestration Flower Garden
on Sat, Jun 15 2013 7:16 AM

My hexes were 1-1/4" before finishing.  I needed 12 inches of a color 2 inches wide to make one flower.  The most time consuming part really seemed to be cutting and keeping together all of my unfinished parts.

MNnancy wrote re: Sequestration Flower Garden
on Sat, Jun 15 2013 10:00 PM

Wonderful!  I've just recently discovered the joy of hexies.  My first pattern calls for 1-inch papers (which I ordered from and 2 1/2 inch squares of fabric (which I'll lop off from jelly rolls).   I don't expect cutting to be an issue at all.  Thanks for sharing your pretty quilt!

grandmamardy wrote re: Sequestration Flower Garden
on Sun, Jul 21 2013 7:57 PM

Your quilt is beautiful.  I also fell in love with hexies unexpectedly.  I went to a quilt show and received a sample from paperpieces.  I am also using only fabric I have at home.  No buying more is the plan.  I like your border and may try something similiar to that.  Thank you for sharing your quilt.

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