Crazy rainbow rows

posted by Jenia
Wed, Mar 20 2013

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This is my idea I'm making a crazy quilt in rows of the rainbow.  So far I have red and orange done as you can see here. Next will be yellow and then green, blue and finally purple.

Each piece will also be framed in black so that its like a stain glass piece with each row will be sectioned off,with the black strip.  The stain glass lines will be consisted of varying thickness and designs of lace, velvet, binding and such.  The stain glass frames will be my quilting stitches, with the puzzle-like pattern of stitches showing through on the backing. 

I have a nice paisley print black backing or a satin-like red for the back.  I haven't decided yet which color to use.  The thread will be black so it doesn't show on the front with all this other stuff going on.

I am cutting and piecing it as I go.  The photo isn't really as pretty as it is in person.  The color scheme is

reds and pinks first row, orange and browns 2nd row, yellow and tans 3rd row, greens 4th row, blues 5th row, purples and blacks 6th rorow 

Each row is 15 inches tall and 103 inches long.


Carolyn (CarolBeau) wrote re: Crazy rainbow rows
on Thu, Mar 21 2013 7:40 PM

i LOVE this idea.  I've been saving scraps for the past year or so with something very similar in mind.  They're all sorted according to color and my plan is not exactly the same, but very similar.  I'd love to see pics as this comes along. It's looking great so far!!  

Jenia wrote re: Crazy rainbow rows
on Thu, Mar 28 2013 11:20 AM

Thanks, Carolyn - I have started a blog to keep track of my progress.  I'm into the greens now!

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