The Beast's Quilt

posted by perspica
Tue, Jul 24 2012

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My second denim creation named for my cat because he took a strange affinity to the thing as I started to lay it out.  He sat on it for two days, hissing and yowling at me if I tried to move him from my work space.  I had to take the broom to him!  This is denim from several teens I know who out grow jeans just as fast as fashion changes.  I had done a rag finish on my first quilt and wanted to make this one a bit neater.  I had a Tommy Hilfiger sheet found still in the original packaging in the thrift store, so when I found Tommy jeans in my collection of denim, I made sure I had a labeled pocket on one square. It was so heavy, I just tied it off on each intersection. 

I had made this for our school band crash couch - a favorite hangout for students and us band parents.  But I think the cat wants to keep it!



Sharshe wrote re: The Beast's Quilt
on Mon, Aug 6 2012 10:21 PM


Your quilt is fabulous!  Making a quilt using denim is durable, but beastly to manuver.  I, too made a raggety quilt using denim, my first time.  I used denim from jeans that were made into shorts of my four sons and one daughter. I used three co-ordinating flannel prints and warm and natural batting. Oh my!  It was SO heavy!  It is my middle son, Terry's favorite picnic/camping quilt.  

perspica wrote re: The Beast's Quilt
on Thu, Aug 9 2012 7:44 PM

Thanks Sharshe!  I've some flannel for a collection of unwearable family shirts...and I'm stock piling denim again to do just what you did.  

As well as find a way to do a log cabin with denim.  I'm terrified how all those seams in denim will be, but think I'm going to give it a shot - light and dark denim!

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