Sewing Machine Caddy

posted by Debbie
Tue, Jan 24 2012

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I was always loosing my seam ripper, my small scissors, or they would get swept off the table from moving my material around, or covered by my material. Problem solved! Now everything is neatly at my disposal.

This was very simple to make. I sandwiched two fat quarters, quilted them, and then added pockets and brought the backing edge to the front for binding. I also made a matching pin cushion and snippet bag, which I attached with buttons. 

I lost the url link for the directions, but you can google it. There are many different versions, but this one suits my needs :-)


Spudgrandma wrote re: Sewing Machine Caddy
on Tue, Jan 24 2012 3:50 PM

Debbie, it is adorable and will keep you so organized!

Marge (AKA Dimples) wrote re: Sewing Machine Caddy
on Tue, Jan 24 2012 4:39 PM

Nifty little organizer.

Debbie wrote re: Sewing Machine Caddy
on Wed, Jan 25 2012 1:15 PM

Thanks Girls! it was really fun to make and a welcome break after so many big

mamaspike wrote re: Sewing Machine Caddy
on Thu, Jan 26 2012 4:55 PM

Debbie -- I know just what you are talking about when you say it was a welcome break after so many big projects.  I too often see little projects in magazines that I want to just go to my stash and make, but then think that I should spend the time finishing something (one of the many things) I have started.  Don't laugh, but I found this adorable little pin cushion and sewing kit that looks like a hamburger!  Bought everything I needed for it and still haven't taken the time to just sit and play.  I need to throw the rules out the window and just start doing what sparks me to create!  Your caddy is wonderful.  I too lose things constantly and when it was just in your hand a moment earlier, you have to wonder where in the heck it went too!  lol  This should definitely solve your problems IF you are consistent and put things away!  :)

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