Travel Size Kleenx Tissue Covers

posted by Kathy M. Boice
Fri, Nov 4 2011

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My Granddaughter Danielle, made one of these in sewing class while she was in High School in Fayetteville, TN. They are so easy to make I will attempt to give you my version of the instructions so that you can make these inexpensive "gifts" for yourself, your friends and family or those people in need. This would be a great workshop project for a Church or organization to give out to those in the hospital or family who have lost a loved one, etc.

Materials needed: Fabric as described below, Coordinating 1/4" Double Fold Bias Tape, or lace etc. Sewing Machine, thread and small tissue pack.

I purchased a Fat Quarter Bundle of five different coordinating fabrics. They cost about $10.00. You could also use small pieces of your fabric stash. I liked the bundles so that I can make the covers different ways.

For EACH cover: (Hint: I separately cut each of my fat quarters into the 4 x 6 pieces at the same time and  then pin the layers as I choose, together for individual covers. See *note below.)

1. Cut four 4"X6" pieces of fabric, cutting the 6" sides on the straight of grain.Three of the cuts may be of the same fabric, one should be coordinating for the liner.  (To do multiple cuts for lots of covers, read on.)

    If you plan on making several tissue covers, the easiest way is to fold your fat quarter in half matching the selvage side together. Iron. With a Rotary Cutter and ruler, straighten the edge of your fat quarter as you would for quilting. Then cut a 6" strip of fabric across the entire fat quarter. Next, leaving the fat quarter strip folded, and starting on the salvage ends, not the folded edge, cut the entire 6" piece you just cut into 4"  pieces. Thus 4'X6" pieces. You may do this with all of your fat quarters. Lay aside the cut pieces into stacks of "same" fabrics so you can choose from them later.

2. Choose three 4X6 pieces of fabric. Take two of the three and fold them in half longways. Iron, being sure the edges match. Lay aside. Chose one coordinating 4X6 piece of fabric for the inside liner.

3. Carefully sew a piece of coordinating 1/4" double folded bias tape to the folded side of each of the two fabrics you folded in half lengthwise. Set aside.

4. Please read this and do it as you read! Take the one 4x6 piece of fabric for the liner, and lay it on the table right side down. On top of this, lay the one fabric that is  not folded,  right side UP, now place the two folded pieces of fabric on top of this stack, making sure the bias tape is in the center of the stack and the raw edges of each folded piece are to the outer edge. Slightly adjust the center bias taped edge so they slightly overlap in the center. Pin everything into place.

5. You will need to take 1/2" seams!! This allows for adjustments on the center opening of the tissue holder. We will trim excess seams later.

6. Begin sewing at one end, back and forth stitches should be done to each corner and at the center where the two folded fabrics meet for additional stabilization. Continue sewing until all four sides are sewn. 

7. Iron the entire piece after sewing to set the seams. Now trim the entire four edges to 1/4" seams. I use a "Add a quarter" ruler to do this. This ruler allows you to butt it up against your sewn seam and then your able to rotary cut each edge to the exact 1/4".  Iron your tissue cover again on both sides.

 8.Now Turn the cover inside out. Be sure to carefully poke out each corner with a stiletto or what ever you use.  Insert your kleenex and your done!!  You should have the three outer fabrics the same and a cute coordinating liner piece of fabric inside.

I hope I have given you precise enough directions. Please feel free to let me know if you need further information. Enjoy making these and using them in any ministry you might be involved in.



Marge (AKA Dimples) wrote re: Travel Size Kleenx Tissue Covers
on Mon, Nov 7 2011 8:49 AM

Don't you love making these for little gifts?  I made 200 for a ladies Christmas tea last year and another 300 for a Humane Society fundraiser.  I did a tutorial with pictures here on QCA.  

Caryl Anne wrote re: Travel Size Kleenx Tissue Covers
on Mon, Nov 21 2011 11:45 AM

this is a great project and the holders are as Marge says easy and great for giveaways. I have made several as well using ultra suede. now don't get silly I made them for all my siblings and SIL and daughters Christmas gifts in 2005 when I bought my embroidery machine. They are all monogrammed. It was so fun to do and I still use mine in my car console.

kprout wrote re: Travel Size Kleenx Tissue Covers
on Tue, Jan 10 2012 4:36 PM

Hello! So I've never sewed buy my daughter (2nd grade) and I were googling what to do for her market day at school. She has her heart set on making these tissue travel holders.  Since I've never used a machine do you think you could make these with that liquid sew?  I need to make 200 for school . . tell me know if this is a nighmare or if I can do it please!!

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