Rag Quilt

posted by Kathy M. Boice
Tue, Nov 1 2011

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This is my 65" X 76 1/2" personal Rag Time Quilt made of assorted 100% Cotton fabrics and  Warm N' Natural  batting. It was rotart cut, machine pieced and machine quilted as you go. One  5 1/2" unfinished fabric square is placed right side down, then a 5" square of batting is laid on top of that piece of fabric, then add another 5 1/2" square of fabric right side UP. Sew (Quilt) from corner to corner in an X formation. Lay this aside and continue to build blocks until you have the desired amount to make your quiilt. I used 238 completed squares and sewed them 14 finished blocks across and 17 down. Usually a 3/4" seam is used, but I chose to do a 1/2" seam as I sewed the blocks together. The outer edge does NOT have a border or a binding. I only sewing one line completely around the edge about 1/2 in. As this quilt is used and repeadedly washed, it will "rag" more. My cat Moses and I love to cuddle up in this quilt! There is nothing better than my comfort cat and a cozy quilt I do not have to be overly concerned about!! I call it my controversal quilt because some people do not like the exposed seams, "Rags" as they are called. Moses and I think it is the "Cat's Meow"!!!! 

Start date was Jan. 18, 2001 and finish date was Feb. 8, 2001.


Barbara wrote re: Rag Quilt
on Tue, Nov 1 2011 11:08 PM

I like your rag quilt , very pretty  Barbara

Bandmama wrote re: Rag Quilt
on Thu, Nov 3 2011 2:01 PM

I think this is wonderful and thank you for the details on how you put it together.  I've been looking at these but now I have instructions to make my own.  That Moses is a keeper.  I have 3 kitties that sleep on my feet and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cathy Wiggins wrote re: Rag Quilt
on Fri, Jan 20 2012 6:30 PM

Sometime in the last week someone posted a link to a tutorial about a rag quilt.  I think that it was done by Jo-Anns.  I looked at it and now want to go back to it but cannot find it.  The technique used a flannel base on which lines were drawn.  Squares of fabric were glued on the base, then stitched.  Would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.  Thanks.

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