Special Baby Buggy Quilt

posted by Kathy M. Boice
Sun, Oct 23 2011

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This machine pieced and hand tied 29" X 29" quilt is special because the red blocks are made from a fabric that my Grandmother, Mamie Leota Pearl Wittenmeyer Phillips, had used to cover a baby buggy. I machine pieced it and then hand tied it. My Grandmother was known to go to a dump, (Land fill) in Bradner, OH and come home with more than she had taken to throw away!! She would recycle everything she could! She had brought home a rustic baby buggy, covered it and we played with this buggy when we were young. In 2000, my Mother, Betty Jane Marsh Phillips, gave the buggy to me. I removed the buggy lining and washed it.   The fabric had alot of worn areas, but I managed to salvage just enough to piece it into this quilt. My Grandmother made many memories with us, taught us frugal ways are to be shared. She used coffee can lids to make us little dishes to play with. She spray painted them, added a sticker, sealed it with clear varnish, and wa la!! Beautiful dishes!! She would be proud that I recycled the fabric from that old buggy. And yes, I have the old buggy, too! It needs alittle repair and then I plan on placing this quilt in it. Completion date was May 2000.  


Sukochi wrote re: Special Baby Buggy Quilt
on Sun, Oct 23 2011 7:08 AM

So origional. And so special. You must have gotten the crafty talent gene from your dear grandmother.

Flojo wrote re: Special Baby Buggy Quilt
on Sun, Oct 23 2011 9:10 AM

So wonderful that you have such memories of your Grandmother and the talent to perserve those memories in such a beautiful way.

Marge P wrote re: Special Baby Buggy Quilt
on Sun, Oct 23 2011 1:30 PM

Very nice quilt and a wonderful memory filled story about your grandma.  Lots of us are blessed with memories like this - I wonder at times what memories our grandkids will have as they are growing up in a different world.  I so hope that quilting is around for a long, long time - at times I think the art of hand embroidery work is on the endangered species list.   Both of my grandmas' embroidered and crocheted and I have some of their projects of love. Granddaughters have just not shown the interest in learning how  to do it, too busy with iPods, PC's, cell phones, etc.

Denise_Oregon wrote re: Special Baby Buggy Quilt
on Sun, Oct 23 2011 9:27 PM

Wonderful quilt!

Marge (AKA Dimples) wrote re: Special Baby Buggy Quilt
on Fri, Oct 28 2011 3:29 PM

Wonderful story Kathy.  Thanks for sharing.  

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