My Princess

posted by Joyce K.
Wed, Jul 27 2011

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The Disney Princesses using a crayon on muslin technique.


Barbara wrote re: My Princess
on Wed, Jul 27 2011 11:22 PM

Joyce , very pretty .Barbara

Denise_Oregon wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 9:17 AM

Wow, very nice. Is something created with crayons like this only used as a decorative quilt? I'm assuming it cannot be washed?

Joyce K. wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 10:26 AM

I painted a textile medium as a final step and my testing confirmed that by doing so it made the colors permanent. I was able to wash my sample block and the colors remained. Now what I would probably not do is throw it in the dryer on high heat...I would probably just air toss it dry or air dry it.

Marie wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 10:50 AM

Joyce, this is amazing!  Would you mind sharing if the images were stamped on the muslin and then you colored it in???  Beautiful work!  I'm assuming you machine embroidered the names?

Linny t wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 11:48 AM

Very pretty, Joyce.  Every little girl's dream.  Was it hard working with the crayons?

Joyce K. wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 1:21 PM

Marie, I went to Disney's website and found coloring pages of the Princesses. Since they provide them, and I did not use them for personal gain, I don't think I violated any copyright issues. This was a gift. I printed them out and traced them on the muslin with a water soluable pen. You definitely need your crayon tips to be pointed so you can get into small corners, but on some of the blocks I actually used both colored pencils and crayons. I googled "crayon quilts" and found some information to use as a guide as this was my first attempt. After coloring all the blocks, I used a textile medium and brushed it over each Princess. Just be sure you stay within your lines. This step may not be necessary but I did it to be on the safe side. I only tested machine washing a sample block after I used the textile medium and the colors did not wash away. The only other thing I would be careful of is putting it in the hot dryer. Even though the crayon technique has you heat set it with an iron (and you use papertowel to soak up any excess crayon wax), and the textile medium should also make the colors permanent, I would hate to pull that out of the dryer and find something bled all over the quilt. And yes I did machine embroider the names.

Joyce K. wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 1:23 PM

Linny, it was alot easier than I thought. You can make the colors as soft or vibrant as you want. I only did one "layer" but you can color, then iron, then color again numerous times if you want the colors to be brighter. I had so much fun doing this and plan on doing another one. I think car characters would be adorable for a little boys quilt.

Denise_Oregon wrote re: My Princess
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 2:17 PM

Thank you for sharing all of this information with us Joyce. My grand daughter would absolutely love something like this.

Marge (AKA Dimples) wrote re: My Princess
on Fri, Jul 29 2011 7:58 AM

Joyce - thank you for sharing how you did this.  I have never heard of a crayon quilt before.  Very interesting technique.  

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