Bag for Anne

Thu, Mar 24 2011

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Anne, who was the CEO of a surgical pathology laboratory, was retiring in December 2009. When I decided to make her a bag, I contacted the laboratory staff and asked for pictures taken from specimen slides to place on the pockets and flaps of the bag. The company colors were green and purple.

Annes staff rose to the occassion magnificently and provided a number of diseases etc but mostly in the same colors. I printed out a number of the images onto fabric using an inkjet printer.

On presentation of the bag, the pathologists and technicians spent the rest of the lunch diagnosisng the conditions represented.


gini wrote re: Bag for Anne
on Thu, Mar 24 2011 10:30 PM

anne your bags are really cute , you put a lot of thought into them  for presents  gini

Leslie wrote re: Bag for Anne
on Fri, Mar 25 2011 5:13 AM

Yea, you do alot of great work on them

chocake2 wrote re: Bag for Anne
on Fri, Mar 25 2011 9:43 AM

What a great idea! I love it! Not to many people go around toteing their germs for the world to see.

Marge (AKA Dimples) wrote re: Bag for Anne
on Fri, Mar 25 2011 5:22 PM

How unique!!!!  You really are clever with these bags.  I have loved every one.  

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