Quilts made in Mèxico . By Julie and Pamela

Quilts made in Mèxico . By Julie and Pamela
Sun, Mar 6 2011

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Hello . Im Mexican . And my neighboard Julie introduce me to these wonderfull word of quilts . And I just Love It . And know its one of my passion in life. Its hard to me to get the 100% fabrics  here in mexico. But I make some trics to find them . And the cotton I just buy it in the usa.  Well I will put some pictures of the quilts I made. So please write youre comment . Thank You ! Gracias !

Pamela Crespo


PARB wrote re: Quilts made in Mèxico . By Julie and Pamela
on Sat, Jun 27 2015 2:03 PM

I think it is wonderful that you are learning to quilt and finding ways to get your 100% cotton fabrics from the USA for your quilting.  Our pioneer ancestors quilted out of need for warmth in the Winter and often cut up old warn out clothing to make their pieces for their quilts.

Creo que es maravilloso que usted está aprendiendo acolchar y encontrar maneras de obtener sus telas 100 % de algodón de los EE.UU. para su acolchado. Nuestros antepasados ​​pioneros acolchada por necesidad para el calor en el invierno y, a menudo cortan edad advierten a cabo la ropa para hacer sus piezas por sus edredones .

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