Kool, Kool Kitties king sized quilt at show

Wed, Jan 12 2011

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This is a photo of a king sized quilt (about 104 x 116) titled "Kool, Kool, Kitties on a Hot, Sunny Day" that I designed myself and made the patterns for both Kitties. The top of the quilt was finished in 2009 and the entire quilt finished in early 2010. There is a sitting kitty and reclining kitty in each combination of batiks, for a total of 56. Each kitty is 9" by 12", but in a different direction. Sashing on one side of each to make a 12 by 12 block solved the problem of putting same-sized blocks together.

I have lost count of how many different fabrics I used. Because I wanted to use different fabrics for each pair of kitties, I had an unexpected problem. It was very difficult to find yellow batiks, with no other color except maybe a little cream or a tiny bit of pale orange or blue. I have no idea why there were so few yellow batiks, but it took me three years to find enough yellows to finish the top. Just two years later, there is a better selection on the market. The two rusty-orange colored kitties were planned - the batik has blue kitties on it. My templates were actually made from graph paper, and only once did I have to tape one back together because my ruler slipped! Since no two cats are ever the same, there are some small variations in the cats, some have shorter or fatter tails, some have no points on an ear or tail or both. All the pieces of all the kitties were fussy-cut, which took a tremendous amount of time. Putting pieces together that were cut on the bias or with odd angles, and having them lie absolutely flat also took a lot of time and patience. Another problem was that the quilt was so large that it was difficult to handle when doing the embroidery, which was done after the blocks were put together.

It was the last quilt quilted by The Little Red Quilt House in Stratford, CT before they officially closed. I designed the quilting pattern myself - there is a sun on the upper left corner, and the rest of the quilting is rays of the sun (wavy lines) that branch out over the rest of the quilt. There are 14 embroidered butterflies scattered around, and some of the cats have button eyes. 

The quilt show was not prepared to display a king-sized quilt, and I was quite dismayed to find out that it dragged on the floor and they stuffed the right hand end of the quilt on the rod so you couldn't see it. For that reason, I am also showing a photo of the quilt taken after it was quilted but before it was trimmed and bound.


gini wrote re: Kool, Kool Kitties king sized quilt at show
on Wed, Jan 12 2011 8:27 PM

charlotte, you kitty quilt is wonderful  

Leslie wrote re: Kool, Kool Kitties king sized quilt at show
on Thu, Jan 13 2011 5:37 AM

Great quilt

Marge (AKA Dimples) wrote re: Kool, Kool Kitties king sized quilt at show
on Thu, Jan 13 2011 10:39 AM

Love you puddy tat quilt.  

Sue wrote re: Kool, Kool Kitties king sized quilt at show
on Thu, Jan 13 2011 11:22 AM

It just looks awesome, and the time it took to do all the fussy cutting will it was worth all your trouble. I am not in your league I have never entered anything to be judged. You go girl! Sue

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