Ugly Fabric Quilt Contest Guidelines

Welcome to the Ugly Fabric Quilt Contest!

The first QCA Ugly Fabric Quilt Contest was held in February 2010 and moderated by Althea.
The second Ugly Fabric contest starts on July 1, 2011 and is being moderated by Sandy H.

These are Althea's rules from the first Ugly Fabric Quilt challenge.  I've made a couple of minor changes.  Also, instead of having judges, we can just do Viewer's Choice to select a winner.  These rules are not final.  If you have any ideas, throw them out here and we can decide if we want to add them.

When we are ready to go, I will collect names from everyone who wants to participate via friends, then I will draw names and tell you who to send fabric to.  It will be your responsibility to contact your named quilter for mailing information to send their fabric.

1.  Finished Size 50 x 60"

2.  Fabric - at least 1/2 yard of ugly fabric - has to be used in the quilt... you can't just cut a tiny piece and say that is your ugly fabric - take a picture of the ugly fabric to show with the finished quilt so we know which one you are claiming is ugly...

Ugly Fabric -- a piece of fabric that you have in your stash that you bought or were given and when you got home have no idea why you bought it.  You think it is just awful.  If you don't have any ugly fabric in your stash (like me), go purchase the ugliest piece of fabic you can find at the LQS! 

3.  You can add only 4 more fabrics to your quilt. 

4.  You can - piece, applique, embroider - anything you want to on your quilt

5.  Quilts have to be completely finished by ___TBD___

Posted Jun 24 2011, 02:09 PM by Liz S. (AKA QCA Liz)
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