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Sandy H. Posted: Tue, Jun 28 2011 7:44 PM

Please post any suggestions here.


Southwest Florida

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4dreamsr replied on Mon, Jul 11 2011 12:19 PM

Are you going to specify that the ugly 1/2 yard be used in the quilt top, not just on the back?


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Sandy H. replied on Sat, Jul 16 2011 7:45 PM

Oh yes, most defintely.


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Food for thought:

There are some benefits to each participant using some of the same fabric so that it would be similar to a challenge quilt.  The orange fabric shown in media would be fun (as I stated in media, I don't think it is that bad.  I am actually drawn to it and may have purchased it.  Not sure I would have purchased 6 yards but that is another story)

If every participant contributed their ugly 1/2 yard and then we swapped them around however that works, plus everyone got 1/2 yard of the orange, we could then put them together with our fabrics to make them work into mosst beautiful quilt made from ugly fabric.  That is the goal--correct?  To see how many beautiful swans we can create from our ugle ducklings.

I hope this goes well and that I am not too late to play.  I think it would be fun.

Darlene (Western NY)


from Western New York

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