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EDEC Posted: Mon, Feb 15 2010 4:40 PM

I've had the book on my wish list for ages ---but  haven't bought it... so now I will have to do that .

Does everyone begin with block 1?

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Nana replied on Mon, Feb 15 2010 10:38 PM


If you go back to the beginning pages of postings you will find where each weeks blocks are posted.  It will read Blocks 1 - 6, Blocks 6-12 etc.  Those postings will list the blocks and the pages to find them on.  Any questions please ask and we will help all that we can.  It will be nice to have you with us.  I have gotten about 2 wks worth of blocks behind but that's ok I will catch up eventually and so will you.  The first block assignments were fairly easy and went really quickly.  It has just been the last few that has slowed some of us down.

Vinton, Virginia

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gini replied on Mon, Feb 15 2010 11:33 PM

edec.   we're happy to have you join us.    can't wait to see your blocks    gini

gini in north idaho

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Kris replied on Tue, Feb 16 2010 12:30 AM

Welcome aboard Edec. Here is the starting point:

Children's Delight, p. 24

Chinese Coin, p. 25, note the the c/d unit is slightly long, so trim so it fits the a/b unit.

Churn Dash, p. 26, note in step 3 cut 2 of the 2/7/8 inch blue and background, not 4 of each.

Contrary Wife, p. 27

Friendship Star, p. 34

Nine Patch, p. 53

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I've had the book on my wish list for ages ---but  haven't bought it... so now I will have to do that .

Does everyone begin with block 1?

I found it is more fun or interest to be about where everyone else is, then to catch up.  However, the blocks we are doing now are more difficult than the beginning ones.  We'll keep hellping you so just jump in anywhere and get sewing!  It is fun to do the posting and reading posts.  Don't forget to ask questions too.  We love giving answers to those who need help!

Welcome to our group!!

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Ms ElleGee replied on Wed, Feb 17 2010 10:30 AM

I'm glad you are here with us too! I have cut about 3 weeks of blocks, sewn 3 1/2 blocks and then life seems to get in the way of my machine :{  It is buried back in there somewher.

 I try to keep up on all the posts late at night when i can't sleep, that alone is enough to keep me occupied some times. These are some prolific and talented ladies!

I can't wait to see what color selections you choose and to "hear" your voice too. I love the internet


Ms ElleGee

Asheville, NC

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