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We have our 25 participants and one backup so the membership has been closed until the next RR in 2014. Anyone can read posts but only current members can write posts.  Anyone who was a member but not a current RR4 participant has been removed from the membership listing.  Thanks for participating in the RR4 and we look forward to the creativity that always comes from this group. Happy sewing. ;-)

Maggie and Barbara

Brief Definition of Round Robin

It's a quilt that is made by a group of quilters. To start everyone makes a center block, then it's mailed to the next quilter for the 1st border. After the border is completed it's mailed to the next quilter for a 2nd border and so on. After the 4th border the center/quilt is sent back to you, the original owner.


-COMMITMENT: when you sign up you are committed to meeting the deadlines and finishing the project. The whole group is depending on you.  Drop outs should notify Maggie immediately. Upon dropping out of the RR you (1) forfeit a return of your completed quilt top and it goes to the person who had to pick up your responsibilities and (2) forfeit the ability to participate in the next RR (in other words, you drop out you must sit out a round before you can join a RR again). 

- Work on another quilters project as you want her to work on yours.

-Use GOOD QUALITY fabric and respect the project.

-Measure, measure, measure! Make sure your measurements are accurate, cut straight and use 1/4 inch seams. Make sure your addition and finished project is square!  If you don't know how to do something, ASK!  There are lots of help videos and the QCA membership is a wealth of information and experience. 

-Always follow the vision/request of the owner of the center block.  Remember, this is their quilt, not yours. 

-Do not change previous work!  Pretty clear. 

-If you are having difficulty deciding what to do: leave the center on the wall for a few days and let it "talk to you."  If this doesn't work, ask for help!

-RELAX and HAVE FUN (yes it is possible, even with rules and guidelines).


-There will be a limit of 25 quilters / 5 groups of 5 quilters

-You will always send to the same person, whoever is below you on the group list.

-Your center block shouldn't be bigger than 20".  If you want a rectangle, the longest side shouldn't be longer than 20".  If you want a circle or oval the diameter shouldn't be bigger than 20", etc.  At this time, there are no minimum center requirements but that could change with the next RR. 

-Your added border shouldn't be wider than 8"

- Make a journal (it could be just a few pieces of paper stapled together). Introduce yourself and write a "vision" for your center. Have enough pages for the quilters in your group to make notes to you.

-If you wish, you may take a photo after you have completed the border and include it with the journal so the center owner can see each stage of the work. (DO NOT post any pictures of the center you are working on to this site, in any thread or forum)

-Make a label for your center and include it with the journal that accompanies your center (your group members will sign and date it, including which border they contributed to your quilt top and their city and state).


-Your center block needs to be in the mail on or before SEPTEMBER 1st

- You will have until the end of the month to complete the 1st border on the center sent to you. On or before OCTOBER 1st, you will send the center with the 1st border to the next quilter (the person on your group list who's name appears after yours).

-You will have until the end of the month to complete your 2nd border. On or before NOVEMBER 1st, you will send the center with two borders to the next quilter.

-You will have until the end of the month to complete your 3rd border. On or before DECEMBER 1st you will send the block and three borders to the next quilter.

-You will have until the end of the month to complete the 4th border. On or before January 1st, you will send the center with the four borders to the next quilter, which should be "home."  (This is the round when you get your quilt back)

Note: if the send date is on a weekend/holiday, send your package out the following workday that the post office is open.


IMPORTANT GENERAL INFORMATION: Use flat rate envelopes when possible and tracking (a must) when sending the centers (with borders). The flat rate is the least expensive way to send but since you are paying to ship each quilt top forward, how you send it is at your discretion, as long as you have tracking. This way you and the receiver can keep track of each package. Insurance is at the discretion of the sender unless the original center owner has provided the funds for each group member to mail it with a specified amount of insurance. 

Please, do not send additional fabric with your center unless you provide additional postage funds. Sometimes these fabrics are not used and just require members to use larger packaging, adding to the mailing costs. However, if your group agrees to incur these costs without additional funds, then go for it!!!

If you wish to send small tokens of your appreciation to group members via a gift (such as sewing gadget, fat quarter, etc.), then send it separately to each member. Please do not package gifts for all members with your center. This also adds to the cost of mailing, especially for the first two people on the list. 

Please be respectful of non-pet owners and non-smokers. Keep the projects away from pets. Do not smoke around the projects. Some quilters put projects in large ziplock bags and include a dryer sheet to absorb odors. If the owner sends it to you like this, then please be respectful enough to pass it on like it came to you. Remember, this is not your quilt top. You are only being given the wonderful opportunity to share your skills, talents and creativity with other quilters so they can enjoy your works for years to come. What a gift, for the givers and receivers!

Each group will be assigned a thread under the RR group for individual group discussion.  Maggie or Barbara will create the threads and an opening statement listing the group members within that thread. There will also be a mailing thread and a help thread with links to important videos and information for quilting. If members would like to do a video tutorial they can post it under the help thread. We would appreciate participation in the thread discussions during the RR but we request that you check-in via the RR General Discussion thread at least once a week, even if its just to post "lurking." That way we can keep abreast of any issues in communication before they become a crisis. We will be calling you if your name does not appear for two weeks in the RR General Discussion thread.

When the 20 (maximum 25) members are signed up or midnight August 24th arrives (whichever comes first), the group will become a closed membership but open to public viewing. This helps eliminate any confusion as to participating members for the specific RR. Visitors will be able to contact the group owners by clicking on the "contact" button on the right hand side of the page, under the "media" button once the RR begins. 

If other issues arise during the RR, the rules and requirements will be updated and referred to in the Discussion thread. This is a living document and will need to be tweaked from time to time. 

 Our sincere thanks to all participating in this 4th Round Robin. ;-) Keep the needles flying and we'll see your handiwork in January 2014!

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