Secret Window Part 2

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Deezynr Posted: Sun, Aug 21 2011 11:53 PM

My copy of  number 140 did not arrive in the post and the mag is all sold out apparently.

I am a subscriber to the magazine and am very disappointed not to be able to complete my quilt which is already complete for part 1. I now have part 3.

I live in Victoria Australia, and know no one else in my quilting circle who subscribes.


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Can I e-mail you pdf's of the Part 2 pages you need? Or send copies of the pages in the mail to you in Australia? If you can e-mail me (here's my e-mail spelled out (in case this site doesn't accept the posting of e-mail addresses)  artistwoman at comcast dot net    , you have to substitute the right symbols for the at and the dot ) I'd be happy to try .. if you e-mail me and don't hear back from me, I didn't get your e-mail.  Shoshannah

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Hopefully I'm going to get to start working on my two secret window quilts this weekend.  Had to finish a block swap quilt I was doing with another quilt group before I could even think about my mystery quilts.  Have #1 up on the design wall, (reds/tans/dark greens) and that one is going to be reworked colorwise  in  a major way.  Sandi was right of course, I should have rethought the use of my #4 fabric which was a large strip...but I'm stubborn and have to do things my way....some day you'd think I'd learn to listen but after 60 years it's looking doubtful.  LOL  Hope to get at least one of my tops done and posted next week.

To all of you on tAhe east coast, stay safe!

Jan in Reno (JanJo)

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