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Judi Posted: Thu, Jun 20 2013 4:05 PM

I want to host or really run a pillowcase making day for the Women's League at my synagogue.  I have participated as a helper in one where everything was not only precut, but even pinned for the participants.  As I would most likely be likely the only one who has any experience and would have to prep everything myself., I want some ideas of what I need to do to make this successful.

I figured I would precut kits of the main section and the cuffs.  I think that If I make large posters of each step and go over them (often) these ladies are quite capable of pinning and then sewing the pillow cases.

What I need to know is how many machines will I need to set up?  I assume I can have goups where some are pinning, then move to sewing, turning and pressing then pinning the sides, tuening and sewing the second part of the french seams.

How do I get the ladies enthused to come out and do this.

I hope to make cases for one of our local hospitals.  I have three machine I can bring and I figure at least a few of the ladies have machines.

Any advice or help would be great.  Also, is there anywhere I can beg to get fabric donated?

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My guess would be maybe 2 machines for every 3 people??  They could work in teams with one person pinning (if necessary) and pressing while the other 2 were sewing?  How many pressing stations are you planning to set up?  

As far as fabric donations, I have no idea.  I sometimes find good quality sheets in like new condition at Goodwill that provide a lot of fabric.  You could also ask for donations from the group you're working with.  

Good luck with your event!  Let us know how it goes.


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ADELEH replied on Tue, Jul 2 2013 9:25 AM

Hi Judy,

 My friendship group makes pillowcases for our local children's hospital.  We hold the event at our local quilt shop.  The owners allow us to use the classroom free of charge and also furnish lunch for the particpants.  Particpants bring their own machines and  we suggest that if they have fabrics in their stash it would be great if they could share for this project.

Prior to the event we use our webpage, church newletter and the shop shares the time and date on their web page.  The event is held on a Saturday.   We use donated fabric  and fabric purchased by the group members to make a number of kits that are cut and ready to sew.  We have stations (assembly lines) for cutting, pinning, sewing and pressing.    Printed directions are supplied for the participants.   One of our members is at each station to assist the "first time" pillowcase makers.  Having a number the prepared (fabric cut) kits is key for my group. Everyone can begin, no down time for volunteers.

We meet new people, laugh and have a wonderful day.  This has become a yearly event.   Last year we made about 40 pillowcases.  Best Wishes for your success, would love to hear from you.



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