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  • my mystery quilt 9

    Headed for relatives in Minn. Difficult for me to complete because it grew to 9' x 8'5".
    by ls2116 on Fri, Jan 24 2014
  • Blue Stash Dream

    I wanted to use my stash so I made it scrappy. It took more time to find the right color values but I like how it turned out.
    by Yuriko on Sun, Nov 3 2013
  • MQ9 corner closeup

    A closeup of one of the corner appliques
    by Barbara in Colorado on Tue, Oct 29 2013
  • MQ 9 Helen

    I don't know how to add the photo to my previous ones, sorry if there are multiple listing. Finished quilting and binding the lap quilt and am thrilled how it looks in my living room.
    by Helen on Tue, Oct 29 2013
  • MQ9 flowers

    This is my top that I finished. I'm hoping the dark square on point looks oriental like jade flowers. This MQ was the most challenging for me because of my fabric selection.
    by ls2116 on Sun, Oct 27 2013
  • MQ 9 Helen

    Got the borders on. Had so little fabric left of the brown and dotted turquoise to do anything else.
    by Helen on Sun, Oct 27 2013
  • MQ9 Jacko's Folly

    The photo doesn't show the colors very well, but the background is predominantly a rose color! That is my fatcat Jacko, stomping around his territory.
    by Sheila on Fri, Oct 25 2013
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