Welcome to Mystery Quilt #9 - Member Guidelines

Greetings Mystery Quilt #9 Group Members!

We are excited that you have joined us to work on this project together. For this group to be successful, we want to share a few helpful tips and guidelines. Your volunteer moderator for this group is Nana.

Why can't I create a new thread to ask a question in this group?
To make it easier for moderator Nana to respond to your questions, we have limited the discussion threads in this group to specific topics. We are hoping to make the group more organized, so that you can find the information you need more quickly.

Where can I go to chat in general about this Mystery Quilt?
You can share stories more in the general forum here: Are You Ready for MQ 9:

How do I share images of my quilt steps while I work on my Mystery Quilt?
We love it when you share your pictures--that's part of the fun! You can post images in a couple different ways. You can include images in any of the forum posts by clicking on the green "filmstrip" icon and browsing for the image file you want to insert.

You can also upload pictures of your work in progress and completed quilt images in the Mystery Quilt Media Gallery here: Media. Need help? There are instructions on how to post images in the media gallery here: Adding Pictures in QCA Groups   

"Tranquility" Mystery Quilt Schedule

Friday, September 6th:    Step 1 Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions
Friday, September 13th:  Step 2
Friday, September 27th:  Step 3
Friday, October 4th:         Step 4
Friday, October 10th:       Step 5

Key Links:

The steps for making this Mystery Quilt can all be found here: Mystery Quilt Workshop

To chat in general about this Mystery Quilt, go to the general forum here: Are You Ready for MQ 9?

Posted Aug 27 2013, 01:55 PM by QCA Admin
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