Bernina 180 embrodiery machine and Windows 7

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Katherine "Sue" McGarry posted on Sun, Apr 10 2011 5:29 PM

I have been working to get my Bernina 180 to be compatible with windows 7.  I have  partitioned my hard drive and downloaded  XP and tried to get it to work .  Bernina no longer supports the version 4 software I have.  I am wondering if anyone else had this problem and was able to resolve.  P.S. I downloaded the hasp "fixes' etc.  Thanks for any advice


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Answered (Not Verified) Sue replied on Wed, May 25 2011 7:32 PM
Suggested by Sue

Hi Katherine "Sue", I use a embroidery site called  they have a lot of information about machine and software.

Maybe you could try.

Sue D. Ohio

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Donna B replied on Sat, Oct 29 2011 10:24 PM

Hi Katherine "Sue", hope you are still following this thread...

I just ran into your post and as I have a Bernina Artista 200E...with Version 4 software, I have ran into the same problem.  My DH did a lot of checking on this as he wanted to move my software to our new laptop (with Windows 7).  We are both concerned that my old laptop (with Windows XP) is going to give up and die one of these days.

From what we have been able to find out, the only solution is to upgrade the software to the current version, which is compatible with Windows 7.  That is pricey,but a lot less than buying all new software.  I was talking to anothe Bernina Embroidery software owner (who has the latest and greatest) who said that upgrading would help a lot with some of the issues I have with the smallish hoops I have with the 200E.  The newer software apparently has much better registration points and is much better at helping you line up your motifs to be seamless one to the next.

I haven't done anything yet, but that is the direction I am leaning.  Have you found out anything more since April???  If so, please let me know...

Donna B

 Winthrop, WA


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I appreciate your suggestion regarding upgrading the software, however, version 4 is as high as I can go with the 180 I would need to buy a newer machine.  I would love to do that but, being on SS disability I can not do that anytime soon.  My brother in law. is going to load Windows 95 on a partition of my hard drive he is hoping that will work.  I am waiting for his visit for Christmas in December.  I wlll post on the success or failure of this at that time.

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last year in June I had to purchase a new PC after a virus , When I received my new system Windows 7 Janome had an on site revised software to use with this computer upgrade. My software is for the MC10001 which is now 8 years old. I was so thankful that I didn't have to go buy new software. If was a free download for both the PC and now this year a new laptop.. My old one could not be recognized by the new PC. new technology has not been good on our pocketbooks of late.  I was told that a similar software upgrade has been offered by Brother, Sew perhaps you should go onto the machines main web site and search upgrades in software. Many people have upgraded their computers and it would be devastating not to have a working software to do our embroidery.


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