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Kathleen Johnston posted on Tue, Dec 4 2012 10:31 AM

Does anyone have suggestions for tutorials for machine embroidery?  From the very basic fundamentals-how to begin.

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Suggested by Caryl Anne

Hello Kathleen, when I started, 2005, I found that starting with the workbook that came with my Janome was best, all the very basics are right there, however, there are soooo many tutorials on UTUBE, over the years I am still picking up information. Last week I sent this stabilizer information to Patty, who needed advice. We have a great group here that will help in your embroidery needs. Don't know what brand machine you use, but if you google you tube for ME and the name of your machine, someone will have a tutorial.
Here are just a few tips, use stabilizer designed for use on specific fabrics  ie cotton, knits, fleece, denim; each will require a different stabilizer. Threads are so very important I use polyester thread for anything requiring multiple washings, & rayon for those items such as a wall hangings or verses that do not need laundering.  Embroidery threads are 40wt, BUT there is other weight to use later after you have some experience with your machine, those threads require designs digitized for specific thicker threads. Another story there.
Only use Embroidery specific needles
#11 or #14, for the 40wt
thread to stitch smoothly.
Be sure you are using the correct bobbin for your machine, and always use a 60wt bobbin thread.
 I use clear polyester
60wt bobbin thread for all my embroidery. Not specifically from this seller I do not endorse any particular product.   I hope I have helped you a bit today, suggest: open that manual, read it with the hoops and stabilizer in front of you then just pick a design from your machine, and sew it out. Have fun.

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CarylAnne, thanks for posting this!  There is a lot of good info here for all of us...new and/or experienced embroiderers.  Personally, I have been using one brand (Isacord) of 40w poly thread pretty much exclusively.  I have tried one other brand (Metro) and was not too happy with it.  The shine was nice, but it was not as strong and broke more often than Isacord (at least in my machine).  As it appears you have experimented with several brands of thread, what is your appraisal of those that you have tried?  Do you like the Thread Art brand you referred to in your post?  What, in your opinion are its pros and cons.  Personally, while I really like Isacord, I wish it had more shine and that it came in more varigated/blended colors.  I do think it is an excellent value - especially if you buy it from a online provider on sale.

Maybe this is a good opportunity for others to jump in too and tell us what threads they have tried, their favorites (and why), and what threads they will avoid in the future (and why). 

 Winthrop, WA


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I have started a discussion on threads and why I use what Ido.
Thanks to Donna B for suggesting this information. Please follow this link and give your oppinions of pros and cons on Machine Embroidery threads

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In the discussion Eat Drink and Be Merry thread I asked a lot of questions about getting started.  Both Kim and Caryl Anne offered great advice.

I will say that I have read the manual that came with my machine a number of times.  I have bought a few designs.  One is from the Anita Goodesign.  They have on the CD a number of helpful tutorials.  The designs that I have purchased are between $30 and $60 dollars each CD.  They have the format for many different machines.  I understand that if you go to YouTube and type in the model of your machine plus embroidery the search engine will bring up tutorials.

Good Luck

Patty Mc

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