On the borders!

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Mary789 Posted: Sun, Mar 2 2014 12:55 PM

I am getting excited!  I finished the quilting on the blocks, and am now on the white border.  This has been a learning experience.  I made better progress using a size 12 needle instead of the smaller 10.  I did most of the blocks echoing the seams, but on the solid color blocks, I went ahead and stitched a design.  I am going to be so happy when I can use this quilt.  

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Jimsmom replied on Sun, Mar 2 2014 6:10 PM

Very nice.  I especially liked the rose but also liked the stars.  Good job!  I'm always a little stumped trying to figure out what to do with squares and rectangles.

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Karen replied on Sun, Mar 2 2014 6:17 PM

I am glad you found the size 12 needles.  Aren't they great!  If you are using "Betweens,"  I remember being told  that as the size on the package goes up, the size of the needle get smaller  I believe.  If this is true, you are using a needle that has taken me 41 years to find!  Good for you.  Anyhow, my only quilt teacher told us, when we were learning how to quilt, that we would soon find the "regular needles" we had been using all our lives would become unusable giants after we got used to the small quilting ones.  Boy was she ever right.  The "regular needles" seem to take up too much space in my hand now, I am now at a point where the smaller the better.  I am working on trying to get more than 6 stitches on the smallest needles. 

I live your quilt and its quilting.  Your stitches look nice and even and your color choices and patterns really work well together.  Great job! Congradulations!

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Flo replied on Thu, Mar 13 2014 11:37 PM

I love it.  I prefer the size 10 needle by John James.  My local store has it with a larger eye, so its perfect for me.  I find my biggest problem is the finger pricks on my underneath hand.  By the time I finish a quilt my finger looks like I am a diabetic testing only 1 finger.

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