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Here's some more info from the Sue Nickels class on FM feathers

by Mars92

She makes it clear that you do not have to draw to quilt. She wants to get "drawing" or the idea that you have to be able to "draw" to do quilting out of your head. As she said, when you learned to do handwriting you didn't do that immediately --you had to PRACTICE.

Anyway--this was my first drawing attempt at drawing feathers --she said its easier to do a curved line-in drawing feathers--

We were doing it for a border (I think 6 inches if I recall right). Some of it is OK, some of it is bad, of course. But I did want you all to see that at least someone w/o any experience what Sue can do with you! Truly, I think she is a miracle worker. More to come if I can find my samples. Its ok to laugh. : )

Another hint she said--use the same color thread as your fabric when quilting feathers-if you make a mistake it won't be so noticeable. Below is the feathers I did in class- I am posting it because it is not part of the group exercises

If you stop quilting while doing your feathers or other technique--to get back to your "place" the best way is to place your Needle in the same "hole" as where you left "OFF" and take a stitch. I found this to be really helpful!!!

For those that use Pin Basting  Do not close Your pins until you have basted the entire quilt that way you can CHECK to ensure its smooth etc (no wrinkles) and correct errors before closing all your pins   The ladies that used the PIN Basting seemed to love this IDEA

She has a new video she just came out with so which can be ordered from her website.

Plus she has her books which of course are excellent.

She uses cotton or cotton-blend batting.

Ok I hope this helps. Again, if any of you can take any of her classes I would highly recommend them.

Posted Mar 13 2011, 02:08 PM by Sharon
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