Recommended Products for Free Motion Quilting

 mars92 replied on Mon, Jan 24 2011 1:59 AM |

Here's the info from the pkg on the quilting gloves---scroll down


 Rhonda Laws replied on Mon, Jan 24 2011 6:18 PM |

Well one click of the mouse and there it was...silly me, I must have been spelling it wrong last time...

Here is what it says about it...

Spray on a spool, cone of thread, or fabric to help eliminate skipped stitches. Can also be used to lubricate the bobbin case and hook assembly, reducing thread breakage problems, especially when using specialty threads. Not recommended for use on Baby Lock Esante embroidery machine, Brother PC7000 & PC7500, and Singer XL-100. Product contains no materials that might stain fabric. 11 oz. spray can.

Of course my machine is listed here...GRRR I wonder if that means not to use it in the bobbin case. I don't see where it would hurt to use it on the bed when you are going to spray it and wipe it won't get into the machine. What do you ladies think?

Here is where I found it...  

mars92 replied on Tue, Jan 25 2011 12:23 AM |
Here's another thing I found in my notions drawer that I got at a quilt show from Sharon Schamber-and wow she has won numerous national awards. Magic Bobbin Washer-eliminates backlash and birdnests on the underside of FM quilting- I will post the back of the pkg for you. I know PRactice! LOL
 Kris replied on Wed, Jan 26 2011 1:18 AM |

Magic Bobbin Washer-eliminates backlash and birdnests on the underside of FM quilting-


I use these in my Babylock on the frame. They seem to work.

FYI, if you have a machine with a low bobbin sensor these will block it. You won't get the warning. My maintenance guy clued me in to that so I don't use them in my Pfaffs.

mars92 replied on Tue, Jan 25 2011 2:14 AM |

Well-you made me do it! Practice! Yes, I filled up two Blocks of an 18 " square and ran into #3 trying to play catch up! LOL- This is the first time I used the washers! Wow! I love them! They really make a difference-even for a beginner like me- LOL, I know-Practice even makes more of a difference. Cricket is laughing so hard she can't stand it.

Another thing I really like that I used along with the quilting gloves-that I bought from Sharon Schamber is her quilting halo- which is I absolutely adore because have something to "hold ON" to as you quilt " a little steering wheel. and no you don't have to take your pressure foot off to get it on. I use it along with my gloves.  Sharon was actually demonstrating them at the quilt show in Phx one year and I bought one-it was funny because she was talking and asked me to demonstrate- I begged her no-I can't FM-she said -No, I want someone that can't and I will show you -you can with the Halo! I did OK-and it was so much easier to control--





The Supreme Slider fits any domestic sewing machine and can be trimed to any size.



Posted Feb 14 2011, 08:01 PM by Liz S. (AKA QCA Liz)
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