Quilting Turorial for5-21-12

Barbara Posted: Mon, May 21 2012 1:36 PM

Hi ,all I've done something alittle differnt this week ,I'm using pattern and guidelines form the book by Eva.Larkin ,called Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy, this is a really great book that shows you how to do designs with a simple shapes . I giving a little tutorial here so if I mess it up be patient with me , these were really simple designs to do and when you do these they are all done with one continous stitch. I hope you will all give it a chance as it really was quick and easy , BArbara


this first block is how you set up your basic block , find your center and place a mark at shown above


you can also set up your block in this manner which is my favorite


now using a pen that is eraseable ,I use the friction pens as they iron right off .drawn your first loop starting in the middle going up on the left ,down on the right and then the same for the bottom .


Do the same with your loops on the sides ,start on the left and make your loop and back onthe right just like a figure eight .


Now with lines as you can see in the picture you are still going to work as in a figure eight just on the diagonial . it really helps to number your lines as you drawn them so when you stitch them it gives to a idea as where to go. As you can see in the picture


Here is another pattern with the lines makeing little loops on top of the larger ones, make sure you number them as it makes it very easy to follow


Now on this one you will notice I have added little dots to my lines ,this tells me where to go with my lines as I draw them , to make my pattern


this is a tulip pattern using the dots and numbering as I draw them makes it very easy to follow my lines as I quilt .


Here is another for Triangles notice the dots I've drawn in.


now here it is all drawn in . I know you make think this is hard ,but It really is very easy, Now I'm going to show you some of the quilting


On the triangle I started in the center and followed my numbers ,I'm now doing the bottom ,this is all done without breaking thread, down #4 to the dot and across #5 to dot and back up #6 to the center ,this continues till the whole pattern is finished


This is the finished quilted block ,


this is the block after I have ironed off the lines . Now the rest I'm showing are just more designs I've done ,I tried to pick out some easy ones to start, these are all form Eva Larkins book ,with these simple lines you can make some amazing designs for your quilts .





now this one is doing the figure eight with the smaller loops , just follow your lines





This is the book by Eva Larkin ,I highly recommed this book as it is really good to learn these amazing designs , . if you have any questions ,please feel free to ask , I look foward to seeing some of the pratice blocks you make ..Remember have fun these are very simple to do . pratice on paper first if you are a lousy artist as I am ...Barbara


Posted May 23 2012, 04:35 AM by Barbara
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