Practice FMQ with Chocake2's FMQ Simulator

Practice your free motion quilting on paper using this nifty "FMQ Simulator"
This creation was originally posted by Chocake2 in the original Fear-No-More FMQers
thread here:

TADA! Hubby has made a prototype FMQ simulator!

You will need:

2' of 3" PVC pipe

1 3" 90 degree angle

about a foot of 1/2" ID (inside diameter) PVC pipe

6" of 3/4 ID Pvc Pipe

a C-clamp

1 shelf bracket

1 hose clamp

a felt tip marker

 not pictured: adhisive velcro strips and duct tape


Cut the 3" pipe to 9 1/2". You'll need both pieces. Drill a 7/8" hole  all the way through the short piece about 1" from the end.  Join the two pieces  with the 90 degree angle in the middle. Wrap a piece of the fuzzy side of the velcro around the 1/2" pipe and slip it into the 3/4" pipe. The velcro will keep the smaller pipe from slipping around but allow you to move it if you must. Slip the 3/4" pipe through the hole you drilled -it should be a snug fit.  Use the hose clamp to attach the shelf bracket to the bottem piec of pipe and then attach the whole affair to the table with c-clamp. Your pen will fit inside the 1/2 pipe. You may need to wrap it with a bit of duct tape to make for a snug fit.  You can adjust it to contact the paper lightly by moving the small pipe up and down


Posted Feb 14 2011, 07:50 PM by Liz S. (AKA QCA Liz)
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