Practice- Week 1

Practice- Week 1
posted by Denise Smart
Sun, Nov 25 2012

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This is the back side of my first week of daily practice. The shapes are practice for Ann Petersons Craftsy class Beyond Basic Machine Stitching. It looks better on the front. This is my first FMQ on a line or drawn shape, my first travel stitching, my first thread painting, my first clam shells, my first echo stitching and my first pebbles I like the thread painting the best. Guess I am more off a free form let a flow kind of person.. The background is all stipple stitched, although you can hardly see it in the photo. The thing I would like to improve on is the big glob where I start and stop.


Barbara wrote re: Practice- Week 1
on Sun, Nov 25 2012 4:47 PM

Denise ,well done, for doing many of these the first time I think you did great.  I do see some of the birdnesting you were taliking about and this will stop if you pull those threads up and hang on to them when you start , so they don't get pulled back thru, then hide them like I mentioned . this was what I learned form Leah day. I was having those issue to till I saw what she did . Haven't had any problems since.  Keep up the great work .. barbara

Carey wrote re: Practice- Week 1
on Thu, Feb 2 2017 9:20 PM

Great job :). I have done thread painting before it was for an artistic quilt portrait of my grandma which I lost over 10 years ago when I moved :( I am very sad over it to this day as she is no longer around and I have limited photos of her and my grandpa.

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