Mailing Swaps

Mailing Swaps

Most swaps require pre-paid return self-addressed envelopes for the return of the swap. Please avoid the use of stamps if at all possible as the hostess then has to take them to the PO for validation and tracking. Also, even if the envelopes are flat rate envelopes, they have to be weighed if they have a stamp. PLEASE use the flat rate envelopes whenever possible in swaps. They are available in a variety of sizes and types. If you have a doubt as to which one to get, ask your hostess.

Order your prepaid envelopes EARLY in the swap so that you will have them when it comes time to mail the swap to the hostess. Everyone in the swap is counting on you to have your swap in by the deadline.

On your return envelope, put your address in the FROM and the TO slots. Do NOT put the Hostess's address as your return address. Include INSIDE the envelope your return address, just in case the envelope should be destroyed in transit. If possible, use package tape where you can before you send it to the hostess.

"All mail that bears postage stamps and weighs more than 13 ounces MUST be taken by the customer to the retail service associate at a Post Office." This also includes FLAT RATE ENVELOPES WITH STAMPS. Please do not put packing tape over your stamps. It invalidates the stamp. (Note from Post Office: "Stamps are void when coated, covered, taped, defaced, or reused.")

Two ways to purchase prepaid envelopes online:

(1)  Where to buy online the Flat Rate Envelopes
Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat RateTM Packaging
With Priority Mail®, you already get ...
Insurance coverage up to $50 for mailpieces with barcodes.
USPS TrackingTM to see tracking updates, including date and time of delivery or attempted delivery using our Track & Confirm tool. Have your carrier pick up the package at your door.

(2)  Where to buy online the labels:
If you register an account with the Post Office at, you can print your own Priority Mailing Labels, selecting the flat rate option. OR, to print labels, visit Click-N-Ship


NOTE TO ALL SWAPPERS, Participants and Hostesses: PLEASE make certain that you add extra packaging tape to the postal envelope seal BEFORE you send your package. It just takes a minute and will certainly keep someone else from being disappointed in the swap. You don't want any swaps to arrive (either to the hostess or from the hostess - on either side of the swap) with the contents missing.




Posted Sep 11 2013, 12:50 PM by Roxana
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