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  • Beginning

    I did the video classes and all of the basic pdf classes a while ago. Now I want to actually start using the program. Any suggestions?
    by Starling on Mon, Jul 23 2012
  • Please Help!

    I spent ages designing a quilt in EQ, it looked awesome and I then when I was ready to actually start on it, wanted to get in to print it out, and it won't let me open the file. It says, "This file has an unreadable fabric". I haven't yet figured out how to scan in my own fabrics, so...
    by Karen Rieth on Wed, Apr 25 2012
  • Re: New EQ software user

    I was just browsing the list of groups and ran across this one. I started with EQ4 and have upgraded every time a new version came out. I LOVE EQ7, it has so many features that make it a great place to just wander and see what's there. I've learned one VERY important lesson, that I have had to...
    by MizPat on Fri, Apr 20 2012
  • Is there a way in eq7 that you can take a block from the library and take it apart to rearrange the block design or look?

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was way in eq7 that you can take a block from the library and take it apart to rearrange the block design or look? I know you can do it the funner way by making the block shapes and then just moving them around. But if you've never done it with certain blocks before...
    by Carey on Sun, Jan 8 2012
  • Re: EQ Software

    Thanks to everyone who answered my questions. I would love to own EQ7, but it won't fit into my budget right now. Also, it sounds complicated and would require a time investment to learn to use it. I decided to try the Quilt Design Wizard. I received it a few days ago. Although it won't allow...
    by JAP on Sat, Jun 18 2011
  • EQ Software

    I think I might be interested in buying this software. If you have used this software, please share your experience. Do you use it often and is it worth the investment? What kinds of things can I do with it? I'm a newcomer to quilting so any experience you have will be helpful.
    by JAP on Thu, Jun 2 2011
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