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  • New from New York

    Hi everyone. Hoping to learn a lot from you quys. I'm a freezing New York girl transplanted from California. I've never quilted in my life. Just so happens that my husband bought me a Pfaff Longarm from and estate sale complete with fabric and said here, keep busy. I guess I complained too much...
    by Mechelle on Thu, Oct 29 2015
  • 2014 Victorian Charm - Lillie's work on Diane's Block

    This was a fun RR. So many different theme's on individual blocks. The first fan design didn't turn out very well, so I ripped it out and started over. The final fan is much more pleasing to the eye. I love the little burgundy flowers. I have no idea if there is a flower that looks like them...
    by lilliepad on Tue, Jun 17 2014
  • CQ Block #3

    This block has been fun but still needs a lot of stitching
    by Darlene on Sat, Apr 5 2014
  • Book with the etui pattern

    by Lillie on Mon, Jan 27 2014
  • Re: Cute As a Button Pictures

    Woo hoo!! I finished Stephanie's block! I'll post it here and in media. Gosh this was fun. Can't wait to do another one. Stephanie-I'll put it in the mail on Sat.
    by Lillie on Fri, Feb 1 2013
  • Re: Cute As a Button Pictures

    Robin's block after Lillie Woo Hoo! This was so much fun. I used a lot of silk ribbon on this block. I am really pleased with the way it turned out, even though this is my first time using silks. I hope that you are pleased as well Robin. I did post this in media, but it never seems to show up for...
    by Lillie on Sun, Jan 6 2013
  • Re: Cute As a Button Pictures

    [quote user="Robin"] Diane's Block [/quote]
    by Lillie on Sun, Oct 7 2012
  • Re: Welcome New Crazy Quilt Group Members! Please leave a comment

    Thank you for the welcome! Trying to figure out this site! Just loaded an ancient pic of myself that will have to do for now! LOL!! I'll check out the chat forum, thx!!! I'm working on a bunch of stuff right now..... wool cq pincushions, a couple of vintage tie quilts, wool cq quilts....etc....
    by Leslie E on Tue, Jun 5 2012
  • Cutting and Basting the Patches

    The next step is cutting patches. Start with your motifs. Pair each pattern or pre-made motif with the fabric of your choice. I do a lot of tracing paper transfer, so you will see in the picture below that this is what is pinned to each patch. If you're using another method of transfer, you might...
    by Linny t on Sat, Mar 19 2011
  • Another stocking

    I made this one for my niece. I wish I had had more time to work on it - I'm sure I could do better now!
    by Claudette on Tue, Feb 22 2011
  • Crazy Quilt Starter

    I took a crazy quilt class at the Jonesborough, TN, Quiltfest last summer and made this "starter block." It is far from done.
    by Aleta on Wed, Feb 2 2011
  • Crazy Quilt Tutorial - Steps 1-4

    STEP 1 cut your batting to desired size, and start adding strips. the strips work best starting out with wedge shapes. lay them wrong side down on the batt. STEP 2 add another strip. i will iron the seam allowance over, once i get the right placement, to make it lie down better. STEP 3 keep adding strips...
    by QCA Admin on Sun, Nov 29 2009
  • Crazy Quilt Tutorial - Steps 5-8

    STEP 5 keep placing strips, over-lapping until you like the placement. STEP 6 keep adding strips. leave the strips hanging over the edge of the batting as you get closer to the edges. STEP 7 pin securely. STEP 8 from the back, i usually leave a little more fabric hanging over the batting.
    by QCA Admin on Sun, Nov 29 2009
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