CQ Round Robin Guidelines

CQ RR Guidelines

  • Blocks will be 12"x12" and backed with a cotton fabric like muslin.

  • Fabrics can be made from any type---silk, cotton, linen, polyester, etc.

  • The bare block must be placed in a plastic bag and kept in the bag when a person is not working on the block.

  • The owner's name, address, and phone number should be on the back of the block and on the plastic bag.

  • A booklet will be placed in the bag for stitchers to make notes on what they did on the block. There is a page for each stitcher to write on.  The owner of the block writes first to make personal notes about the block.

  • The booklet is generally made from folded 9x11 size paper (stapled or glued) and the cover should be somewhat heavier paper like construction paper.

  • The booklet must contain a list of the participants in the order that the block is sent.  You always mail to the same person.  The person after you on the list.  The last person on the list sends to the first person on the list.  The name and email address of the stitch angel will be included in the list.

  • You take a picture of the bare block that you receive and then one of the work that you do.  You post it for the group to see.  Also notify the group when you send or receive a block.

  • The block should be mailed in time for the next stitcher gets the block by the fifteenth of the month.

  • If there are any problems during the round robin, the stitch angel must be notified immediately so that a solution can be made.

  • Remember that this will be mailed so lightweight is always considerate.

Posted Aug 11 2012, 06:58 PM by Linny t
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