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Lillie replied on Sun, Feb 17 2013 6:41 AM

Jo, thanks for sharing the pictures with us. The kitty quilt is really nice. I would probably stroke the mink purse all day long.

northern colorado

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Robin replied on Sun, Feb 17 2013 6:59 AM


Such neat pieces.   I love the quilt and your purse looks so chic.  You better watch out someone might pinterest it.  Then everyone in Hollywood will want one.


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Jo, beautiful quilt.  You did a wonderful job and should be proud of the finished product.  The lattice border was a great addition. 

Love you purse. 

Funny story:  around the end of the year I was volunteering at the Artisan Shop where I have some of my items for sale.  There is also a used clothing shop called My Sister's Closet.  That particular day the "Closet" was having a 50% off day to clear out inventory.  There was a pink "leopard" style fur jacket for sale.  Usually short coats and jackets are $6 and I thought even at full price that would be a great investment to use for a bag or purse of some sort.  It had a zippered front which I planned to use as the top of the bag and the sleeves could have been used for small, "hiipster: style bags.  I took it to the register and the clerk asked me who I was buying it for because it was obvious it would not fit me (junior size and I am not a junior size).  I told her my plan was to repurpose it and she told me what a great price it was.  Since it was half off I only had to pay $25.  I quickly put it back.  Probably would have been a beautiful project even at that price but that was more than i wanted to spend at that time for something I wasn't sure I would do right away.

The jacket sold and is gone.   I regret my hesitance but those who snooze, lose.

Thanks for sharing.  You have inspired me and if I have another opportunity, I will probably jump in with both feet and go for it.


from Western New York

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The lattice border was a great addition. 

The lattice border was part of the center panel; I didn't add it, it was all one piece. Stephanie mentioned it, also.  I had to go look at the picture to see what she was talking about.  I am glad you all like it.

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