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September's flowers are Aster and Morning Glory.  The Aster symbolizes charming, patience, daintiness, afterthought, love of variety, elegance, memories and love.  The name comes from the Greek word for star.  It is said that Romans would place asters on the graves of their soldiers as a symbol of remembrance and the ashes from burnt asters would ward off serpents.  The Victorians would give asters with the intended meaning being "please do not forget me".  

The symbolic meaning of the morning-glory is affection.  I read one post that charmed me.  It was about eating breakfast n the garden with morning glories invites humming birds, butterflies and bees to the meal.  Wouldn't that make a beautiful embroidery or applique (or combination)?  The flowers bloom in the morning and only last 1 day.  Each day new flowers appear for their few hours of splendor.  It reminds me that God's mercy is new every morning... 

Both flowers come in a variety of colors, except red.  This leads me to talk about the Sapphire, September's birth stone.  It is made of the same material as the Ruby.  It comes in every color except red.  When it is red, it is called a Ruby.  Sapphires are said to treat mental illness and calm nerves.  The symbolic meaning of Sapphire is sincerity, harmony, peace, and faithfulness and was believed to be a lucky charm for a happy marriage when given by a man to his young wife as a wedding present.

I was surprised to find that Sapphires come in many colors.  I always think of the Star Sapphire.  The one in the picture above is the Star of Bombay.  The star effect is something called Asterism...coincidence? The star shape kind of reminds me of the star formed by the inner markings of the Morning Glory.

There are also color changing Sapphires that appear to change color in different light sources.  September is a transitional month where we move from summer to fall.  The change of foliage begins in September in northern areas.  This is a favorite source of inspiration for us as quilters.  Many people take vacations just to see this glorious display. 
September's tree is the willow tree.  This picture shows a willow in the fall.  Their leaves turn yellow then.  I have seen some really beautiful willow tree embroideries in my time.  Their graceful bows and narrow, long leaves lend themselves to interpretation with stem stitch on fabric. 

I lived in Illinois as a girl and willow trees were everywhere there was water.  We had one in my backyard and during the summer we'd play under it because its branches would hang down to the ground all around.  It was like a tent for us.  My mother didn't like it because we'd get covered in sap along with anything we brought under there.  They really do weep!  I have this one memory of laying on a blanket and taking a nap under that willow.  It was a breezy day with cotton ball clouds marching across the sky.  I laid, looking up through the tree and the swooshing noise of the leaves and soft creaking of the bows just lulled me to sleep.  I was probably 5 or so.  I wasn't in school yet.  I woke up all sticky!

September is also the month most northern students return to school.  I just had a flood of first day of school memories!  Funny how they all merge together.  The most prominent by far is of my very first day of school.  We lived a few miles away from the school and there weren't any busses because it was a Catholic school.  My Mom didn't drive and my dad was at work and so was my brother-in-law (My sister and he lived in our house too), but my Mom had made friends with our little town's only cab driver and had arranged that as my transportation.  Her name was Laura.  She was nice enough, but was really loud and didn't take very good care of her appearance.  She was one of those people who would shout questions at you and when you'd answer she would say, "Huh?" about three times until you shouted the answer just like she had asked it.  On retrospect it is quite possible that she was hard of hearing, although I don't remember anyone saying that.  She had short frizzy red hair mixed with gray and was very overweight.  She never used makeup or hair products and she always wore a red plaid flannel shirt type jacket, the kind hunters wore...very man like.  She was scary to me and I wouldn't get in the cab with her alone.  My Mom had to come with me and so did my sister and her first child who was an infant.  Laura shouted the whole way there which made the baby cry.  My sister couldn't calm him no matter what she did and Laura just kept shouting motherly advise, not realizing she was making things worse.  My Mom was SO ready to be out of that cab!  She was tense and held my little hand too tight.  I couldn't wait to get out of that cab either.  I remember not wanting to leave them when we got to the school as I was really afraid, but thinking that at least I didn't have to get back in that cab with Laura!  After school I came outside and cringed when I saw that cab waiting with everyone still in the back seat like I had left them.  The baby was happy, though, and we went for ice cream to celebrate my first day at school.  I don't know if something was said or if it just seemed like it because it was warm enough to open the windows, but Laura was much quieter on this trip...of course she had an ice cream cone to keep her mouth busy, too. 

I was the baby of the family, but I don't remember my Mom being sad that I was going to school like I was when my baby went to her first day of school.  I was a mess and my daughter was afraid.  I didn't want to leave her because she was crying and clinging to my leg.  The teacher, a large black woman with very soft kind eyes and warm smile with a gentle voice told me that she'd be fine and it would be best if I just went on home.  I was amazed as I watched through the door window and watched my little bit climb up on that teacher's lap and bury her little tearful cheeks in that teacher's extra sized bosom.  Before I knew it that woman had her smiling and telling her things.  She had been a kindergarten teacher all her life and just had that "touch".   I, of course, cried on and off the whole morning, lol.

So what about you?  What memories of September are your favorites?

Here are a few links that were the source of some of the information I learned while doing research for this post.

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Posted Sun, Sep 4 2011 9:27 AM by Linny t


Robin wrote re: CQ Inspirations - September
on Mon, Sep 5 2011 8:11 AM


Wonderful job!  For me September meant we were already back at school and my plaid jumpers were in well use.  I also remember it being a time for fall crops to be planted and not long before pecans and sweet potatoes were to be gather.  The sent of fall would start rolling in and cool temperatures were around the corner.  September was also a time for a big family gathering as my Great Grandmother birthday celebration was held at my grandparent's house and I lived with them.


Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - September
on Mon, Sep 5 2011 8:23 AM

Thanks, Robin.   I love hearing memories of life and times from others.  I could just smell the earth reading about the fall planting.  I haven't had a big family gathering since my daughter got married.  I miss those big picnic type things.  

Stephanie wrote re: CQ Inspirations - September
on Mon, Sep 5 2011 8:36 AM


Once again, wonderful post! Brings back a lot of memories. Some bittersweet. The best September memory I have was Sept. 4, 1980. My son was born that day, and since his birthday was just yesterday it is renewed in my mind.

   My mother (deceased at 48) loved star sapphires and I think because of her, this is my favorite stone and then it would be the solid blue sapphires. I was fascinated to learn that when they are red they are called rubies. The plum rubies that you had mentioned in July is neat to think about as it is in between stages and blue and red make purple. Neat to think about.

   I loved your story about falling asleep under the weeping willow tree. They are beautiful trees. My Mil's favorite. I didn't know about the sap, and will be sure to admire them from a distance.

   Oh, those first days away from our kids are just plain awful. For me it was Paul with daycare. I was going out job hunting and when I took him in he just cried and clung to me, and I thought I'd die. I could barely stay gone two hours and when I came back I expected him to run to me, but he didn't. I went over to the little table where he was with a group of kids and asked him if he was ready to go and he said, "Can I finish my koolaid first Mom? So I waited and chatted with the the providers. As we were leaving, he looked up at me and said, "That was fun. Can I come back again tomorrow?'  

  Thank you Linny for another great post.

Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - September
on Mon, Sep 5 2011 5:57 PM

Stephanie, you are welcome.  I think everyone should have Mother's day on the day of their first child's birthday.  I don't know about you but every time my girls have a birthday I remember what that day was like when I gave birth to them.  Happy Birthday to your son.

Sorry to hear that your mom passed so young, Stephanie.  That must have been hard for you.  It's something when our Mothers pass.  While they are alive there is always at least one person on the earth that loves us no matter what.  Still it's kind of nice to think she's up there wishing good things for me.  My Mom loved pinks and reds.  She was Catholic and always had a pink or redish rosary.  The one she had when she passed came to me.  It was made from rosewood.  It's prescious to me because she always had it with her, in her pocket, hands, she even slept with it.  My sister has her ring with her birthstone.  She was born in December so hers was blue topaz.  That is my favorite color.  

About Willow trees, everyone thinks they are called weeping because their branches are hung down like that.  The sap is the real reason.  Still you shouldn't avoid going inside one just because of that because the view is quite remarkable, especially when the wind is blowing gently.  Just avoid staying there too long.  The sap washes right off.  It's like after you have a popsicle...more like sugar water.

Thanks for sharing your sweet memories.

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