CQ Inspirations - August

I have a little treat for you this month.  The flower for August is the Gladiola.  I went searching for a picture of one on the web and found that it seems to be a flower enjoyed by all countries and cultures.  There were pictures, but to my surprise there were many videos.  This one is A kardvirág, gladiolus .wmv  ,  a You Tube video set to music that sounds almost like Spanish music, but the comments on the site look like Russian maybe.  I only speak English, so I can't tell what the words are in this song, but from the sound of it, it must be something beautiful.  If anyone knows, please post about it.  The gladiola images in it are stunning. 

The meaning of the gladiola is sincerity and strength of character and I read on one site that it can symbolize a strong marriage. 

The gladiolus is also known as the Sword Lily.  It got its name from their resemblance to Roman gladiators with their swords.  The Victorians believed that this flower carried the meaning of  "remembrance" and giving this flower would "pierce" the heart of the recipient with fond affections because of the sword shaped leaves.  I would surely remember someone who pierced my heart with a sword, wouldn't you?  I think they were speaking in the Cupid way of piercing.

I didn't know the flower for August is the Gladiola.  I have a few gladiola memories.  One is from when I was a young girl.  My Mom worked at Vaughns Seed Factory in Illinois.  She was always bringing home seeds and bulbs.  She always brought Gladiola bulbs and would plant them in the spring.  They bloomed in the summer while I was out of school and our yard was full of the glorious blooms.  Another gladiola memory I have is of a place here in Florida where there is a gladiola field.  I remember finding this place one day when I was on my way the beach.  The county extended a road that was a good way to get to the beach and the first time we rode on it we saw that it ran right next to this huge field of gladiolas.  We were on a motorcycle and slowed down to look at it.  What a lovely thing...acres and acres of gladioli in every color they come in.  That was a great day.  I was with who was to become my first husband and I was sweet 16 and head over heels in love, sitting on the back of his Honda 70cc motorcycle (some would call that a scooter, LOL.).  It was summer, so it could have been August, but I really don't remember.  I do remember holding on to him tight in a hug as I looked at this glorious vision.  What a great day!

Another flower for August is the poppy. 

I didn't find much said about its meaning, except it was associated with sleep.  Not hard to imagine how it got that association, is it?  I grew poppies once and remember that they were very easy to grow and very delicate looking with a crepe paper appearance in the petals.

The birthstone for August is the Peridot

The Squido site says this:  Peridot (Gift from the Sun): Helps us open our inner sight to the spiritual Sun, develops inner vision and the ability to look into the future, frees one of jealous thoughts and counteracts negative emotions.
Counteracts negative emotions?  I think I need to keep a couple of these handy, lol.  It's a really pretty green, isn't it?  I read on one site that their color and appearance can change with temperature. 

August's birth trees are Poplar, pine and cedar trees.  The pine symbolizes eternal life and creativity.  There were so many different kinds of pine tree pictures, I couldn't choose, but I have memories of poplars so I'm posting these.

In the first one you can see the shape of their leaves...kind of spade shaped.  They are a thick leaf and are sort of waxy and stiff.  The second picture reminds me of the ones that grew in my front yard in the place I grew up.  They were in the front yard and when the wind blew they would "clap".  Very noisy but also calming in a funny sort of way.  The sound was just enough to get your attention off of the "noise" in your head.  They get very tall and the bark is very coarse.  Our home was built in a place where artesian wells were everywhere.  An artesian well is like a spring.  Every time it would rain, our whole neighborhood would flood from these springs.  We'd always have ice to skate on in the winter.  Unfortunately for my parents, there was one of these in our basement, so in the fall and winter it would flood.  They got a sub-pump and ran it all the time when it flooded.  It would pump the water outside toward the front of our house.  Our house was built on a hill that sloped away on 3 sides of the house.  The outflow would freeze sometimes and we kids would take full advantage of the slide of ice it created.  On day while sliding down this, I got off track and went off the side of the ice headlong into the side of one of the poplars.  The whole left side of my face was like road rash and it was like that through the next few weeks.  It made me see stars when I hit it, lol.  My mom came out to see what I was crying about and when she saw me, scooped up a handful of snow and applied it like a poultice to the side of my face.  For some reason, I clearly remember the look in her eyes and the feeling that I could always count on her.  That's the kind of thing you can only get from your mother, I think.

Here I am talking about August and sharing a winter memory.  Oh, well, if anyone needs to thing of cooling off, maybe it will help a little, lol.

Does anyone else have any good August memories?  Please feel free to post a reply.

Here are some of the links that I found in my August search:







Posted Sun, Aug 7 2011 11:26 AM by Linny t


Diane wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Sun, Aug 7 2011 11:51 AM

Thank you Linny for the wonderful inspiration!  I love gladiolas also and I planted some right outside our front door at the first house I bought.  They brought me so much joy--all different colors and perfect blossoms.

Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Sun, Aug 7 2011 12:41 PM

You're welcome, Diane.  You know, I never know where these things will lead me, but they always lead me somewhere nice.

Stephanie wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Sun, Aug 7 2011 1:58 PM


I just love these blogs. Even when it's not my birth month, it's still so neat to see the meanings of the flowers, gems and trees, etc.

  When I worked for Publix, we always had fresh cut glad's. I'd bring them home quite often. I loved that they had so many different colors and they lasted a long time for a "cut" flower.

   The green in peridots is fresh like new growth. I used some of the swarovski peridot crystals in my seam treatments in our spring block and loved the color.  

   The pine tree symbolozing eternal life is so neat. In my blog I pictured the ones in my yard at Easter as they shot up the crosses reflective to me as Jesus dying and being resurrected. Coincidence?, not in my eyes.

  Ouch in your reflection of the poplars, but wonderful how you expressed the look in your mothers eyes.

   I can't think of any August memories in particular, but more a feeling that soon it would be fall. The most beautiful time.

  Thank you again for taking the time to do this.

Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Sun, Aug 7 2011 2:24 PM

Stephanie, I just know that I'll have a lot more time to sew in the fall and it will be cooler and I'm looking forward to that.

I'm glad you talked me into do the blog still.  It was interesting to do.

Darlene wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Mon, Aug 8 2011 4:51 AM

Linny, great blog.  Love glads.  This is my birth month and they are my favorite flower because of my memories of them in my grandmother's yard.  She always had a vase of an assortment of colors.

Didn't know about the trees.  You find such interesting info when you do this research.

Stephanie was correct when she said you are a great writer.  You have such a way with words.

Thank you for the time you put into this each month.  I appreciate your dedication.

Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Mon, Aug 8 2011 10:51 AM

Happy Birthday, Darlene!!!  What a beautiful flower to have as a birth month flower.  Doing anything special for your Birthday?

Thanks for your compliments, by the way.  

Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Mon, Aug 8 2011 10:56 AM

Happy Birthday, Darlene!!!  What a pretty flower to have for your birth month.  Are you doing anything special for your birthday?

Thanks for the compliment and appreciation, by the way.  

Diane wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Mon, Aug 8 2011 8:18 PM

Have a wonderful birthday Darlene!

Darlene wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Tue, Aug 9 2011 4:50 PM

I will be taking my Dad out for dinner.  His b'day is the day after mine and we haven't celebrated together in a few years.  He has been put into a skilled nursing facility because of dimentia but we try to take him out whenever possible.  Just can't take him to the house because he gets nasty when it is time to go back "Home".

I will be recovering from the monster graduation project and beginning an easier project next (hopefully).  And it is on a weekday this year, so I will be working during the day.  

Thanks for the early birthday wishes.

Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Tue, Aug 9 2011 5:05 PM

Darlene, Happy Birthday to you again and to your Dad.  It's a challenge when they get so old they have to have help.  Can't wait to see the monster graduation project finished, lol.  I hope you have a great evening.

Robin wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Sun, Aug 14 2011 6:52 AM

Happy Birthday Darlene

Looks like in August you are going to be the party girl.


Thank you again for the insight for another month.  I'm still working on my July square but in my head planning August.  It will mostly focus on my spouse and I because it addition to starting school, we celebrate 24 years of marriage on the 15th.  So of course my August memories revolve around our wedding, which had it's moment, but was wonderful anyway and the girls first days of school.


Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - August
on Sun, Aug 14 2011 3:56 PM

Robin, I bet your August block will be beautiful.  Happy aniversary, in case I forget the 15th.  You are an inspiration to me.

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