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July is a special month for me.  It’s my birth month, so I already know that the gemstone for July is Ruby.  The flowers are:

 Delphinium or Larkspur, with the meaning of “Light Heartedness”.  A florist once told me that the Delphinium is the only truly blue flower.


The waterlily symbolizing ”Eloquence” in the Western culture.



or the Sunflower which carries the meaning of “Adoration”.  



July is the first full month of Summer.  While thinking about this blog post, all the songs with the word “Summer”, kept drifting through my mind.  It was a popular theme for songwriters, I realized.  Here’s a link to the 100 Greatest Summer Songs.  It was fun just to look down the list.  Lots of Golden Oldies there.

 July is the month where kids are all getting really good at not being in school.  Then Mom’s everywhere are looking for things to occupy the children for the summer.  I would imagine many children learned new skills in the summer because of their Mom’s efforts at finding something to keep them busy.    

July is a month many a family vacation is enjoyed.  I grew up in the 50′s and 60′s, so my folks still took cross-country vacations in the family station wagon.  My dad was a hobo during the depression and seemed to know every back road paradise there was.  Those were great days. 

There is a holiday in July, as everyone knows; the 4th of July, or as we used to call it, Independence Day.  Freedom was worth the price we paid and in a way the fireworks are like another flower of the month.  Along with this holiday, comes the idea of picnics and everything that goes along with them; great food, good friends, family, horseshoes…..ants…..

Thinking of fireworks reminds me that July was a time we did things outside until well past dark.  When I was a girl, my Mom would always get us kids outside and she would sit on the front steps with the other women and older kids of the neighborhood after the sun went down and talk while we little kids would run around playing Statue Maker and catching fireflies in old jars.  The air was warm and sweet and the sky would usually be thick with stars and sometimes the moon, too.  We lived in Illinois in farm country where there were miles and miles of corn fields everywhere we looked.  It was a fabulous place to grow up.

The days were great, too.  Where I lived there were prairies.  We would build forts in the prairies by stomping down the field growth.  Then we would lay down and just watch the clouds go by, trying to pick out shapes of clowns, or turtles, or whatever. 

There were always three wild flowers in the prairies in the summer that I loved.  One was the cornflower, with that wonderful blue color.  Another was Queen Ann’s Lace.  I always felt like these were more mine that other peoples because my middle name is Ann.  The other were Milk Weeds.  I liked the white sticky stuff that came out of them when you broke off the flower and all the weird textures in the flower itself.  We would make pretend food with the Milk Weeds and pretend we were pioneers on a wagon train and had to make soup to feed our children.

July is also a month to find a place to go swimming to escape the heat of the day.  Where I lived that meant a trip to Wisconsin, to a place called Twin Sister’s Lakes.  My dad had a cousin who had a cottage by the lake.  We called her “Busha”.  My Mom told me that meant Grand Ma in Polish.  I wondered why we called her that for a long time since as far as I could tell, she wasn’t really anyone’s Grand Ma. I finally realized it was because all kids called her that because she was everyone’s Grand Ma.  She was great, but didn’t speak very good English.  It just goes to show you that “Grand Ma” is a universal concept that surpasses the boundaries of language.  I have memories of her putting up pickles…mmmm.

Don’t forget the “Boys of Summer”.  I loved those baseball games.  In Illinois you were a Cubs fan or you were asked to leave, LOL.  In our neighborhood there was a family that had 17 children (Can you imagine?).  All but 3 of them were boys, so there was never lack of interest in a neighborhood game of baseball.  One of the girls was my best friend and she was the one who taught me how to hit a ball with a bat.  I figured she had to know this for survival reasons, LOL.

In looking for what tree is the one for July, the most common I found were Elm and Fir Trees.  Fir trees are evergreens, like Christmas Trees.  Elm trees have the seeds that twirl like helicopters.  I love Elm trees when they drop their seeds and they all spin and flutter down like tiny helicopters.  My grand kids call them “Helicopter Trees” the same way I did when I was little. 

I have lots of good memories and ideas for a July CQ block.  How about you?  Here are some links to get your creativity flowing:

Delphiniums - These would look lovely worked up in Silk Ribbon Embroidery!

Water Lilies - Makes me think of Monet.

Sun Flowers - I love how the face of the flowers follows the sun through the day.  Another place for Silk Ribbon play, maybe with beads for the seed head…

Fireworks  No words needed.  Wouldn’t it be fun to do metallic threads and beads on black velvet to make a fireworks patch?

(The links are from simple word searches.  Some of the images are not appropriate for this topic and that couldn’t be helped.)

I hope you have fun making your July CQ blocks!  Feel free to add ideas in your comments to this post.

Posted Wed, Jun 29 2011 8:34 PM by Linny t


Linny t wrote re: CQ Inspirations - July
on Thu, Jul 7 2011 3:55 PM

I found this today.  Since I'm a July baby, it was particularly interesting to me.

"Characteristics of the Ruby include nobility, love, contentment, enthusiasm and strength. Rubies are thought to open the heart and promote love, allowing joy to come to those who wear it."

I'll have to do a block with Rubies in mind.

Stephanie wrote re: CQ Inspirations - July
on Fri, Jul 22 2011 6:40 PM


Once again you have filled me with wonder in reading your post. Loved every word. What day in July is your birthday?

  It's funny reading about the flowers. I have always been attracted to blue flowers, didn't have a clue why as I lean more toward purples. And I LOVE Sunflowers! I never noticed that there faces followed the sun throughout the day.

  I am just now sparking an interest in rubies. They used to remind me of blood and brought back terrible memories.(I have well outgrown them now.) I liked star sapphires because that was my mom's favorite and amethyst because they were purple. I'm glad you posted the characteristics of rubies as I will look at them differently from now on. I think a ruby block would be gorgeous.  

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