Tracks to Nowhere Tutorial

The first step in this quilt is to accumulate scrap to cut into 3" squares.  For those that are already organized enough to have a 3" square stash handy, you are ready to go.

Materials Needed:

316 - 3" squares

3/4 yard for "tracks" and inner border

Sewing Instructions:

Using the chain piecing method and 240 - 3" squares, make 120 sets of 2 square units.

Sew these together to create 60 - 4 square units (as shown).

From your "tracks" fabric, cut 40 - 10 1/2" x 1 3/4" strips.

To make a block:

Join a 4-square unit to "track" strips as shown using 3 4-square units and 2 "tracks" strips.


You will need to make 20 blocks.  Each block should measure 10 1/2" square.

Join 20 blocks together in 5 rows of 4 blocks.  Turn every other block so the tracks are not going in the same direction (going nowhere...)

 Inner Border:

From "tracks" fabric, cut 5 - 1 3/4" strips. 

From these, piece to get 2 - 40 1/2" strips and 2 - 50 1/2" strips.

Sew two side strips. 

Sew a 1 3/4" square to both ends of the top and bottom strips.          Sew these strips to the top and bottom of the quilt.


Outer Border:

Sew 2 sets of 20 - 3" squares for side borders.

Sew 2 sets of 16 - 3" squares for top and bottom borders.

Cut 8 - 1 3/4" x 3" rectangles from "tracks" fabric.

Sew one of these rectangles to both ends of all four outer border strips.

Take the remaining 4 - 3" squares and sew one to the both ends of the top and bottom strips.

Attach side borders.  Attach top and bottom borders.

Finish the quilt as desired.  Finished size is 47 1/2" x 57 1/2".

I pieced some large flannel pieces together for a backing.

This is a flannel version of the quilt without the inner border and pieced outer border.  I used 3 1/2" strips for the outer border.


Posted Mar 04 2011, 05:07 PM by Jeanine
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