Sweet Dreams Fabric

Sweet Dreams Fabric
posted by Denise Smart
Tue, Mar 27 2012

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These are the 24 batik fabrics I choose for the Sweet Dreams bargello pattern by Becky Botello


MaggieNae wrote re: Sweet Dreams Fabric
on Tue, Mar 27 2012 9:32 AM

24 fabrics?  I used 18 and thought I was going to loose my mind.  You are braver than I.  Lovely colors.  Is the the order for them then?  Purple to blue to green to blue back to purple?  Love it!

Denise Smart wrote re: Sweet Dreams Fabric
on Tue, Mar 27 2012 11:47 AM

I use yellow flat head flower pins with a number written on them with a sharpie permanent marker to “label” my fabric strips. I used to use painters tape, but I spent a lot of time searching for the blue painter tape label because it blended in so well with the fabric. With the yellow flat head pins they really stand out, and I can find my label. In the photo if you zoom in you should be able to see the yellow label pins. The upper left hand corner is number one, below that is number 2. So numbers 1-12 flow down through the left hand column. The right hand column has number 13 on the bottom and flows up to number 24 on the top. I wanted to check that fabric strip 1 flows smoothly to fabric 24 since they will be joined in a tube and immediately adjacent to each other.

Yes it can be challenging to find 24 fabrics that play nicely with each other. But hey, that is just more justification to buy more fabric. Yeah.

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