SUPPLIES for hand applique

1.  applique scissors,  small sharp scissors that cut all the way to the tip.

2. applique needles or milliners needles (slao known as straw needles) in a size 11

3.  thread, i like cotton 60 wt in colors to match appliques.   

     silk thread is also great to use but takes a little more to fiddle with.

4.  your fabrics and pattern

5.  template plastic or freezer paper for transferring images.

6.   sharp pencil or mechanical pencil, white pencil  for drawing on your fabric.    there are a variety of products out there.   these are the two i use the most.

7.  paper scissors for cutting plastic templates

8.  sharp pins.  they make short sequin pins that some folks like to use, just make sure they are sharp.   you will be pinning and repinning a lot, at least i do, and i don't like to leave a lot of big holes.


light box, after umpteen dozen years i finally got one last year and i love it.  you can tape your pattern and fabric to a window during the day.

sandpaper, for laying you fabric on and drawing on the image from you templates.

thimble for  when your finger gets sore.  i like the plastic ones with the metal end.

good light you can position as you are sewing.

Posted Apr 11 2012, 01:46 PM by gini
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