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Cathy M Posted: Wed, Jun 8 2011 2:24 PM

Hope someone can help me., I am working on a new quilt I designed and for some reason, Maybe I'm just losing my mind, but I can not get the long grass pieces I am appliqueing into my water to lay flat they kind of wrinkle on top. I've never had this problem before. It is so frustrating. I must be forgetting something. I've tried ironing the pieces to freezer paper and my edges are great and thread is invisible. I even baste it in place, maybe I need to baste it more I don't know but if anyone does please let me know before I through my quilt top anyway.

thank you,


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gini replied on Wed, Jun 8 2011 3:27 PM

cathy, it's hard to know with out seeing it.    when my long tips aren't lying flat and get bunchy on the top, it's because my background or applique fabric has gotten off kilter.  when i take out my stitches and smoothe the piece  back onto the background i can see where my stitch line should be in comparison to where it was.   if they are really long pieces of grass, that's my guess.   i would lay my grass on the background and smooth it out.  pin it well, stitch an inch or two, unpin and smooth it out on the back again to make sure nothing has gotten off-kilter. repeat.   another thing you can do is:    smooth the grass onto the background, securely pin the tip, put one pin just ahead of where you are stitching, stitch  an inch or so, smooth to the the pinned top, repeat.   if i could see a close-up picture i might be able to think of something else.   gini

gini in north idaho

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