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gini replied on Wed, Feb 27 2013 12:31 PM

melody, your needle will work just fine bent.  it's when the outside layer starts to wear off and the needle begins to drag, that i replace them.  ok, fess up time.  that's what i think i do.   i normally replace them because they are hiding and lurking  in the carpet looking for someone's foot.  i can't believe how many needles i lose.

gini in north idaho

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gini, lol my pins fall out and when I find them it's in my bottom! I try so hard to hng on to them, but I'll be focusing on what I'm doing and the next thing I know a pin is missing. And then I find it. Not pleasant!


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Jan replied on Thu, Feb 28 2013 6:36 AM


along with in the crack of the hardwoods, I loose a ton of them in the pin cushion.  Go figure.  I think if they are not threaded the cat pushes them in.  Or the good sewing fairy is being my conscious and replacing them as needed! LOL


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Robin replied on Fri, Mar 1 2013 6:47 AM


i caught my daughter's cat doing gravitational experiment s with mine. Dropping them out from the pin cushion with her mouth.  I had to hide the cushion.   

Gini,  I'm forever sticking my needle somewhere and losing it like the arm of myf favorite chair. I find its a great way to keep people out of my spot.  But it doesn't work on fur babies.


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See Country Cottages Block 1 for our discussion on Block 1.

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