Monopoly invisible thread

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Linda Pratt Posted: Mon, Jun 21 2010 1:01 PM

Please share your experience on machine quilting with monopoly invisible thread.  What size machine needle worked best for you?  Did you need to adjust the upper thread tension, the bobbin tension or the foot pressure?  How did you knot this slippery thread?  Did you drop the feed dogs and use the free motion foot?  Any recommendations are appreciated.

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Judy Lee replied on Mon, Jun 21 2010 1:42 PM

Hi Linda,

I used the same tension as always but I did lengthen my stitch up a few clicks.  It worked really well and the seaming was smooth.

Judy Lee

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Kris replied on Mon, Jun 21 2010 4:49 PM


I use the same tension as regular thread as well. I put a mesh sleeve over the spool to help with tension. I use a universal needle.

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I loosen the tension quite a bit when using Mono/poly thread.  I use the .004 (the others are too thick, more for beading, fishing).
I have a Singer 2662, Futura CE-150, Brother SE270D & Futura CE-150 embroidery/sewing machine.  I also have a TL18LS longarm machine.

I always loosen the tension on the sewing- embroidery/sewing machines from about 4 to 1.  On the TL18LS, I loosen the dial at least two full turns to start. 

I rarely put the invisible in both the top and the bobbin.  When it's in the bobbin, I make sure to loosen the tension on the bobbin while it's winding also.  I usually use the TL18LS for that, as I can adjust the tension easily.  On the home machines, I have to not use the tension disc for the bobbin...I hold the thread with just enough tension so that it winds evenly.  Also, make the stitch length a tad shorter...this will lessen the shine, so that the thread becomes truely invisible.

The goal is to have the mono/poly not stretch while winding the bobbins, nor while stitching, as this can cause major puckering.

The newer .004 threads are much softer than the old.

Marge Campbell


Margie Campbell
TinLizzie18 LS
Littlefield, TX

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Nana replied on Wed, Nov 3 2010 7:07 PM


I use the same needle that I use for everything else....90/14 universal.  I do loosen my tension just a little on the top...from about 4 to 3.  I leave my stitch length the same as general sewing.  I usually use monofilament for FMQ and use my free motion foot.

Vinton, Virginia

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Sharon replied on Mon, Dec 6 2010 10:52 PM


The monofilament thread stretches easily so only use it on the top, use a cotton thread in the bobbin. I loosened the tension by 2 numbers and used a 4mm length stitch. Use a metafill needle. I reciently used the monofiliment thread on top and metalic thread on the bottom and had good results.

Toledo, OH

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