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Rhenious Posted: Thu, Aug 6 2015 2:15 PM

Lets make a list of cleaning products that can be used for any studio.

The products I use in my studio are a ceiling fan duster, a lint roller, lint brush, make up brush, rags, a spray bottle filled with water & a toilet brush. I use the duster to clean the ceiling fan. I also use the duster as a broom all over the floor including the rugs. With a regular broom, I find that it can throw dust in the air & that is not good with my allergies. The lint roller is to collect cat hair on my chair. Lint brush & makeup brush I use interchangeably depending where & how I'm using them. For any stubborn  spots I may find I wet a rag ring it so that it's drippy wet but pretty wet, fold it, lay the rag on a spot I may have a problem with, wait awhile, then when I can come back, I find that that little spot is easier to deal with & didn't have to use a cleaner with a harmful chemicals or not so pleasing smell. I use the toilet brush to quickly grab a thread that fell on the floor & missed the scrap bin. I work at one area at a time & never rush myself. During the hot days of summer I take breaks.

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