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Uh oh...need fix ideas?

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Tammers1 posted on Mon, Jun 8 2015 1:46 PM

New to the page, and just did my first machine quilted frustrations till now :-(  Looking for advice on how to fix the flub I made to my backing (blue), which I intended to use for my fold over binding.  As you can see from in profile picture I took a cut to it while trimming away the excess batting.  The cut runs right along the edge of the top of my quilt.....DANG IT!  Any advice?

BTW, if you hold your "Cntl" key down and press the + sign you can zoom your page to allow better visibility of my profile (accident) picture.

Thanks in advance!

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Kay replied on Sat, Jul 11 2015 11:43 PM

The cut doesn't look to long into the fabric. ( My take looking at the picture) This happened to me when I first started and the only thing I can remember doing to fix this I placed a small piece of fabric under the tear with heat 'n  bond on it, then I carefully laid the accident cut on top(making sure the seams were together and then I put the iron on it. That held it enough to finish the quilt and when the quilt was finished, you couldn't find where the tear even existed. I would think you could try a little fabric glue to bond the fabric back together and get the same result. I promise you that once the quilt is finished, you'll have a hard time finding the tear.  If you can see the picture I posted, this is my quilt that had my "boo boo". It made me sick but it worked out fine and I am proud of my work. Good luck! This is my first time on the massage board and I saw no one had answered your question. If you want you can reach me on Facebook under Kay Deason Klein or my email is   I would love to have a quilting friend. 


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Hey, just found this ....... I would do what Kay suggests, this happened to me too and I did the same thing as Kay.... when the quilt is done only you are going to know.

newport, tennessee


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