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Christmas All Year Round Group/Secret Santa Program

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Thea Posted: Tue, May 12 2015 8:33 AM

For those of you who were waiting to join in on the fun this year - your time is almost up!  The date to get your questionaires to Roxana is just around the corner... May 15th this year... so if you want to join in the fun - go now - right now and fill out that questionaire and send it to Roxana...

For those new members who do not know about the Secret Santa Program...

We have a program where you get ONE name and for the next 5 1/2 months you learn about that person and put together an awesome package of Quilting Love and Fun and send it off on a SPECIFIC date to that one person... and in return you will get on AWESOME Christmas Gift that was put together by someone Just for YOU!!!

It is a great program and we have tons of fun - we make friends with people that we never would have met but for the for this program.  I love the women who over the years have joined in and I truly love watching everyone get a great gift at Christmas time... 

Some members - like me - don't have a big family get together and are alone for the most part at Christmas and getting this gift each year is a total thrill for me.  Putting together a great gift for the person who is my recipient is tons of fun too.  I find things over the year that I need and usually buy 2 - one for me and one for my person... then I make special gifts for them.  And I love seeing what other recieve...

One of my most special gifts - and you will laugh - but it is a roll of toilet paper that my SS sent me a few years back and it is embroidered... it sits on my piano in a spot of honor... Another gift is an Embroidered towel that is displayed all year long on my stove... A few wonderful wall art pieces and last year I received a beautiful wall hanging... These are just a few of the precious gifts that I have received that have touched my heart... I should say that all the gifts I recieve touch me and most I still have - some were eaten up - teehee - the chocolates - some were drank  - the hot chocolates... but most are displayed in my sewing bedroom... I sleep with my head on pillowcases - I wake to look at the wall art - I use the triangular container next to my sewing machine that holds all sorts of stuff and just makes me smile.

These that I have talked about are just a few of the things over the years... You can get in on this wonderful program - just go to the CAYL group - sign up if you aren't a member - go to Pages and find the questionaire - fill it out and at the bottom of it you will find Roxana's email address - send it off to her and in just a couple weeks you will get that name - that wonderful quilter that you can make wonderful things that only a quilter will truly love you for...

So 3 days... just 3 days...


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