Never a dull scissor

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hopesvirtues Posted: Tue, Apr 1 2014 3:10 PM

I have solved the problem of losing your " fabric only"  scissors. 

Tie a colorful ribbon to your scissors to remind those in the house that they are not supposed to use your good scissors on paper or other materials that can dull your scissors. It also helps when your husband takes off with them to the garage.  It's easy to tell him to keep his hands off your "fabric only" scissors without having an argument when you find them a week later...dull.

This also helps out identifying which scissors are yours when you go to a quilting class. Just look for that red or other colored ribbon in a pile of scissors and rulers and you will always be able to find your own.

Mary Hope Gonzales

Tucson, AZ


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Great tip Mary thank you, mine always disappear!  

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Great tip Mary.

I  keep junk scissors in plain view where my hubby has easy access to them. One in a jar of ink pens by the phone, and another in my knife holder in the kitchen. Keeps him out of my sewing room in search for the pairs he knows are in there.

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